You gotta leave Bascarcija through the central square and cross the Titostreet with the tramline and go right up a steep street for pedestrians only. There you will enter Vratnik, the neighborhood where POO now has it's accommodation. Untill now we walked 15 minutes
Shall we continue?

Vratnik is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sarajevo. Here the poor people lived when there was no place in town. The neighborhood grew well in the time the Austrians started building new and big houses in the center. On the square of Vratnik you will see several graveyards. New ones and old ones. This old kind of graveyards were in the old days actually at the edge of town. You can see this kind of graveyard all around Bosnia, in cities, in villages and in the middle of nowhere.

You pass one of the old gates who previously marked the city border which was used for example to keep strangers out or to keep people in, in case there was an epidemic. Sometimes you see these houses where the owner wasn't been able to repair it yet. Because Vratnik is up on the hills and close to the old frontline, there is a lot of casual damage. It is not destroyed like Hrasno, Dobrinja or Grbavica but there is severe damage.

The streets are small and steep. I still wonder how they public transport company is able to run buslines through these neighborhoods and the villages behind the hills that now, since the end of the war, belong to Sarajevo again.

Lets go inside