On the square, like on more places in town, people play outside chess. The Swiss government once donated this and it is so much appriciated that two years later it still functions. Here older people gather, those who have no job, toio much time, those who think they are too smart to listen womentalk all day come here and break their head with mathematical chessproblems. And of course they talk a lot. H
If you join them they first look at you like you enter a bar for the first time and it is filled with only regular guest. But after a while everything is OK and in case you start talking with them every thing is good. If you can do that while you are a foreigner, in no time you have a dozen interested people around you and you can't follow the chess game anymore. 'This game is no good and another will start afterwards anyway', is told without emotions.

But you gotta continue. At the chess game you could see the big orthodox church, now you passed the cathedral and you enter the old town called Bascarsija. 'If you have not been there you haven't really been in Sarajevo', people would tell you. Bascarsija is the part of town where the Turkish started to build up there settlement which became a village and finally the old center of this special town. Here you see the little shops, bazaars, the tourists (or SFOR militairies).

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, where the Miljacka River is coming from as well to find the more peaceful waters in this vally. The biggest mosque is in the middle of this part surrounded by small mosques and fountains and if you drink from these fountais, the story tells, you will always return to this place. In my case thay turned out to be true and if you wanne believe it you should come and try yourself. This is were they drink their Turkish coffe and if you don't drink with the local people, 'there is no reason for you to stay in Sarajevo'.

The mosque is surrounded by several smaller mosques. Here you find the souvenir shop where the owners try to sell the worked up wood and metals. The sound of this work comes from every little corner. There is no lack of materials. Empty cardridges of granates are turned into a gracefull vaze for flowers in just a day.

But now it seems you are shopping and not walking. On this way it could take a long time. Shall we???