Would you like to see us?

To provide you the possibility to do this we have made a route from the center of town to the center of POO.

Normaly you will arrive at the edge of town, by car or by plane. But because we thought most people do not come to Sarajevo just to visit POO it seems to us more logical we imagine you are here, in the center and than decide to visit us.

The upcomming year POO will spend less time in Sarajevo and therefor we have rented a new but modest accommodation. A lovely house in a quite neighborhood.

POO rent a guestroom for 4 people for a symbolic price, here we work on the internet magazine and newsletter and activities are prepared.
Would you like to see it. Come and have a look or walk with us.

After having bought some appples on the market, the same market were a granate expoded which became the trigger for western militairy action in BiH, we walk to Ferhadija. That is the shoppingstreet in Sarajevo where daily thousents of people stroll up and down, meet each other, to talk and joke together and so on. From the market to Ferhadija is only 200 meters but you can see several reconstructionprojects going on. Last year you could even see streets that were completely covered with constructions for worked and no normal house could be seen because of that. Fehardija is an event. Specially at summertime everybody is coming there to walk and to show oneself. A friend of ours lives on Ferhadija and at 12 in the night is still could be extremely noisy because of all the people having a good time together.

But also in these cold wintermonth it quite busy. Ferhadija is maybe 700 meters with houses with these extreme big stones typically for the Austrian achitecture. Slowly the pastel colors are appearing again from behind the constructions that are torned down.
It is a meetingpoint in a country where meeting each other for a minute or two, and to have a little chat with each other is one of the most-appriciated life experiences.