Protestmeeting of wheelchair users in Sarajevo

Weelchairs and rave? Yes, it can go together! In Sarajevo!
Last week there was protest meeting of Sarajevo`s weelchairs in the center of the town. Unhappy with their situation overhere, they decide to make some kind of action, so they could share their dissatisfaction with Sarajevo citizens, when they can`t do it with people who are payed to help them.
There are no conditions in Sarajevo for living in a wheelchairs. Entrences to biuldings, crossings, streets… nothing of that is adapt to wheelchair people. The town was covered with posters who are speaking about their problems, and who are forceing to think about problems of people who are not in a situation "to use their legs".
An than local D.J.`s and drum musicians joined to the party and party least until deep in the night. Yeah, go ahead.
Rave on!

The protest meeting was organized by the Center For Selfreliance.
Some weeks later a second protest meeting was cancelled because several changes in favor of wheelchair users had been made.
And so you see... If you do not open your mouth, not much will be done for you. But if you show yourself is becomes clear that there is money and possibilities to make a change.