A word of gratitude

At first POO would like to thank the following persons for their human and spontaneous support: At first POO would like to thank the following persons for their humane and spontanious support: Amir Telibecirovic, Berrie Kollau, Boris Mrkela, Borislav Tabakovic, Bram Cox en Thieux Klein, Cor van de Ven, Dijana Klicov, Dragomir Krisic, Friedemann von Soach, Felix de Vries, Hans Matheeuwsen, Henk van Beurden, Igor Prassel, Ivan Kirchuk, Izet Devic, Jeff en Zlata Bajramovic, John Nabben, Jot de Beer, Laurie Zegveld, Kornel Sjeper, Marijke Faber, Marko Brecelj, Miha Zadnikar, Natasha Serec, Orhan Maslo, Paul Beekhuis, Paul Verwilligen, Ranko 'the Killer' Milanovic-Blank, Regina Sinner-Kaiser, Robert, Gordan en Vedran Kranjcic, Sanja Sosevic, Sil Brink, Srdjan Sjalic, Stefan van den Burg, Vlado Don Guido and of course many many others.

POO would like to thank the following donators and funds for their support and cooperation:

Peace Office Eindhoven, Hans Matheeuwsen, for general support of POO Sarajevo (9000 DM)
SOS Rommelmarkten, Marcel Hendrixks, for general support of POO Sarajevo (9000 DM) plus the CWON car wreck project (6200)
Medicine Sans Frontiere (office equipment)
New Design, Dragomir Krisic, (scanning)
Open Society Fund BiH, Aida Cengic, for support of the group Troitsa (1500 DM), Sarajevo Karavan (800 DM) and Euro Teferic (2000 DM)
Fund for Global Consciousness of the city Eindhoven for the first of May presentation in 2B (2000 DM) and the Forbidden Fruits for Civil Society festival (2200 DM)
Apex Cultural Exchange, even if the project and the donation did not happen.
Foundation Blindhelp International, Adrie Beemster, for dispatching a donationproject (1000 DM)
Open Society Foundation New York, Liz Stockhammer, for the Batleika project (3500 DM)
Environmental Contact East Europe, Rita van Keulen, for the CWON car wreck project (7200)
Stichting Overal (Foundation 'Everywhere'), Belia van den Brink, for the car wreck project, (3900 DM)
Anna Maria Foundation,for general support of POO Sarajevo (2200 DM)
Noord Brabants Genootschap, Province of North Brabant, for publication inside the framework of the program 'Traveller at Home' (2200 DM)
People work for People, Cor van de Ven, repair combi van (400 DM)

To get in touch with these organisations we advise you to check the adresses on our link page

Besides that POO would like to thank all readers of the newsletter and people who have used the POO guestroom for their attention, their reactions and their satisfaction.
Good luck in the struggle for humanity and the intelligence of civilization.

With friendly regards

Martin S. Past
Dec 2000