There are also some things that did not happen although we have been speaking about it. We would like to mention these things and explain why it did not happen.

Cooperation with CoMuSa: as one of the first aims it was said POO would like to offer their services to CoMuSa, an organization that focusses on cultural management, musci education and music therapy. Two month after POO arrived in Sarajevo this organization left unexpectedly. POO actually has been working with plan B from that time (plan B said: work independently with a wide variety of services).

Office in Banja Luka: After two years having worked in Sarajevo, the plan was to open an office in Banja Luka. There were several reasons for this plan. There are a very few small organizations working in Banja Luka and the poor social and cultural situation asks for some kind of support. It also seemed to be a good idea to compare the two towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are in many ways opposite poles. At the moment the Banja Luka office was supposed to open, POO was accommodated in a relative expansive accommodation in the center of Sarajevo.

The reason why this did not happen were as follows. At first POO worked the year without any financial support, and the expectation was it would be also for the upcoming year (2000). And without any financial support it is really difficult to start up a new initiative. Secondly POO was told by the main office that the year 2000 would be the last year of POO in Bosnia and Herzegovina so also the time to get the roots into the ground in Banja Luka would be limited. Third reason is that the main POO cooperator was asked to finish a book in September of 2000, so all the other time left vanished.

Internet education program. A small and modest program that did not happen because the donated computers were not good enough to establish a network. And without network the program would not be more that just a hobby for two or three people.

Tour to St. Petersburg; as part of a getting connected tour of the Connecting With Our Neighbors Program. A donation was given by APEX Cultural Exchange. But it seemed to be impossible to form a group which had the possibility to travel in the same time, to organize this with clubs and promotors in Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Baltics and Russia, and get all the visa in time. Also a bigger budget was needed. Because of that there are still people in St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Minsk waiting for us to come.

Popconstruction: This program had the aim to set up a youth center with a practiceroom for young musicians, so they can practice, meet and eventually have concerts. This project demands a big financial support and therefor the aim was to connect the people and organization in the Netherlands who were interested, so the output would become more concentrated and therefor bigger. Several popcollectives, for example in Tilburg, Eindhoven, Sneek and Rotterdam were involved in the beginning of this project, but it turns out to be completely impossible to convince people to put aside their private ideas to reach a bigger common goal.

Hand over of POO. It turned out to be impossible to have POO running with a local staff, or with new Dutch cooperators. The main reason is that there are no donators who support existing plans and initiatives, surely not the overhead costs of such existing initiatives. Therefor, if we would hand over POO it could only have been for voluntarily work and for voluntarily work the Bosnian youngsters have a very little time.