The conditions for a good accommodation were; private room and office room in a combined 'live 'n work' situation, with a guestroom. It should have gas, water, electricity, a telephone connection, and such a things. Half of this accommodation will be paid by the organization and the other half will be paid by the cooperator that uses the accommodation. POO has used three accommodations during this period. The first one was in the neighborhood called Velesici, in the same house as a related organization called CoMuSa. After having used a temporary office in the center of the town for three month, POO has moved to the center, to the Buka street, the noise street. This center location definitely was the location where POO had the most guests and center function. One and a half year later POO moved to an accommodation in the old neighborhood called Vratnik, partly because the rent for the center accommodation was pretty high. In this place POO had less local guests but still many guests from out of town staying in the guestroom. POO always had a guestroom with all needed luxuries. A total of about 200 to 250 guests have been using this facility throughout the years. POO has an office where three people can work and uses three free lance cooperators.
The procedures for registration according to the Bosnia and Herzegovina law have been followed for one and a half year. As result POO is registered as an international humanitarian organization which includes the documents needed for importing donated materials, registration numbers and bank account number. The law, though, keep changing all the time and it needs a part time job to keep up with it. Because of that POO has not updated it's registration since December 1999.
Throughout the years POO has used six cooperators. All these cooperators were given a fee for part time of free lance work. On this way these cooperators could also finish school or fulfil other obligations. Vedran Kranjcic was the first cooperator. He was the right person but not on the right place, he is not a journalist/writer. Vedran worked for POO from November 1997 until March 1998. Darko Kujundzic was the second cooperator and worked for POO since April 1998 until the end. Now he is also almost graduated at the faculty for literature. He hopes to have another job soon now that POO has stopped it's activities in Bosnia. He is also cooperator of the cultural organization called Kolektiv, the successor of the POO cultural management office. Anna Breznik and Irma Oprhal are two students English and work as translators for POO. Anna left after a year to America. Irma still works for POO and doing so she has a little extra pocket money. Her job for POO has been a good reference to get (part time) jobs at other international organizations. Srdjan Sjalic worked part time for POO and guide and translator until he choose to live in a refugee center somewhere in West Europe, rather that living in Bosnia and Herzegovina without prospects. Amir Telibecirovic is guest writer at the POO magazine since April 2000. He also gives city tours to foreign guest and is cooperator of the guesthouse in which POO is supporting with it's construction. The modest income from this work is the only 'secure' income he has. Others: several cooperators worked incidentally for POO, particularly in maintaining the computers. Registration for these cooperators would be very difficult due to high taxes and requirements from the BiH government. The little money POO was able to give (maximum 250 DM a month for part time work) would be reduced tremendously.