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[Duurzaamlijst] EarthDay update

Het gaat nu wel erg hard, groeten, Anton van Walraven

4500 groups in 181 countries have now joined the Earth Day 2000 campaign!

Thanks to all of you who have been sending us updates. Many groups have
already begun celebrating Earth Month, as you will see below.

On 13 April in UGANDA, the Minister of Water, Lands and Environment will
give an Earth Day radio address to the nation to officially begin an 8-week
Earth Day/World Environment Day series of activities. The next day in
Kampala, a massive city-wide clean-up and tree planting (accompanied by 5
brass bands) will be followed by an exhibition of environmentally friendly
technologies and energy saving devices. Tel: 256 41 251064, Fax: 256 41
257521, Email: aryamany@starcom.co.ug

On 10-12 April in CHINA, WWF is organizing a workshop for journalists on
wind energy that will include a field trip to a wind farm in Inner Mongolia.
Tel: 86 10 6591 5732, Fax: 86 10 6591 5731, Email:

On 15 April in BRAZIL, IDEAAS will hold a roundtable forum for leading NGOs
and governmental officials of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The forum will
focus on conservation strategies for the Pampas ecosystem in Brazil. Tel: 55
51 346 8166, Email: ideaas@plug-in.com.br

For the whole of Earth Month in the PHILIPPINES, The Manila Times is
featuring a front page daily countdown to Earth Day. Tel: 63 2 434 6033-35,
Email: earthdayph@psdn.org.ph

On 14 April in PORTUGAL, Euronatura is organizing a conference on ecotourism
in Europe. Representatives of the tourism industry and environmental NGOs
will discuss ecotourism policies and practices. Tel: 351 21 361 67 48, Fax:
351 21 361 67 52, Email: pedro.barata@euronatura.pt

In SAMOA, Faasao Savaii Society is organizing a week of Earth Day activities
for the whole community, culminating on 20 April with a Special Programme
involving the President of Samoa. On 18 April, there will be a children's
day, using poems and drama to highlight environmental problems in the
township of Apia. Fax: 685 51272, Email: safuahotel@lesamoa.net

On 6 April in JAPAN, WWF Japan released an anti-nuclear report in honor of
Earth Day. The report explains why nuclear power is not the answer to global
warming. Email: yurika@wwf.or.jp

>From 9 to 16 April in ROMANIA, Tinerii Prieteni ai Naturii is hosting the
2nd Towards Car-Free Cities conference for 60 youth representatives from
Europe, the US and Gambia to establish a strategy for a coordinated
international car-free campaign. On 14 April, they will carry out a car-free
action with the residents of Timisoara. Tel: 40 56 183418, Fax: 40 56
183418, Email: tpn@banat.ro

On 16 April in AUSTRALIA, FoE and ACF are holding an Earth Day anti-nuclear
gathering in Melbourne, during the national convention of Australia's
governing party. Inside, the Prime Minister will address the party. Outside,
indigenous, anti-nuclear and environment groups will urge the government to
withdraw its plans to mine uranium in Kakadu National Park, open a new
nuclear research reactor in the suburbs of Sydney, and develop a radioactive
waste dump in outback Australia. Tel: 613 9926 6708, Fax: 613 9416 0767,
Email: d.sweeney@acfonline.org.au

In INDIA, the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) is distributing
materials for its Earth Day Green Olympiad on energy and climate change,
which will reach 150,000 students in dozens of cities across the country.
Tel: 91 11 4642088, Email: avanche@teri.res.in

In UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Zayed Agricultural Centre for Rehabilitation of
Disabled Persons recently held a tree-planting event. More than 400 orphans,
and disabled and elderly people planted 100 date trees. Tel: 971 2 5833123,
Fax: 971 2 5835358, Email: tambadou@emirates.net.ae

In New York City, USA, an Earth Day fair will be held on 16 April at four
sites in Manhattan featuring solar powered slot car races, an eco-fashion
show, a solar home, and many other exhibits and activities. Tel: 1 212 922
0048, Fax: 1 212 922 1936, Email: earthdayny@aol.com

Wherever you are, and whatever your plans are for Earth Day 2000, we thank
you for being part of this historic event.


It's not too late to register an event with us! If you have not already done
so, please register your event online at
http://www.earthday.net/signup/event.asp, or email us with the following

Contact name:
Event address:
Event date:
Start time:
End time:
Expected number of participants:
Description of Earth Day event/campaign:
Issue Focus:

We look forward to hearing from you.


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