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[Duurzaamlijst] Fwd: Changes in Packaging Technology from CSIRO

From: "Leonard Kater" <lgwkater@casema.net>
To: "Duurzaamlijst" <duurzaamlijst@ddh.nl>,
Subject: Fwd: Changes in Packaging Technology from CSIRO
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 17:56:09 +0100

Dear all,

The message below I found at the ecological footprint list.
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The biodegradable material is made from wheat starch,
but I think starch yield from potatoes (dutch: zetmeel) 
might be greater, so the ecological footprint of this new 
material then will be even more smaller. 

Leonard Kater

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Subject:        Step Changes in Packaging Technology from CSIRO

Australian scientists have developed revolutionary packaging 
materials that are fully biodegradable. 
Based on wheat starch, the new materials could be used for 
shopping bags, to pack vegetables, in place of polystyrene 
trays for baked goods, and other purposes such as mulch 
film for farming and gardening. "The materials consist of wheat 
starch and are blended with other biodegradable materials so 
they will compost down fully in around 30 - 60 days. 
We estimate our materials could replace around 60,000 
tonnes of plastic packaging that ends up in landfills each year," 
says Dr Roger Edwards, Executive Director of the CRC for 
International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science (Food 
and Packaging CRC). "This will have huge benefits for the 
It is what we call a platform technology. That means it can be used for 
many more purposes than we currently know about and we are now 
exploring other uses."  

Read more at: 
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