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[Duurzaamlijst] Unilever gets all organic in the UK!

On 14 Mar 2001, at 16:09, ngin@icsenglish.com wrote:

Norfolk Genetic Information Network (ngin),
aren't unilever still members of Europabio... conflict of interest?
Bestfoods also connect to SIRC - which may give the latter a 
--- UK: Unilever gets all organic in the UK
 14 Mar 2001
just-food.com editorial team Unilever has moved into the organic 
market with the purchase of a majority shareholding in Scottish
organic food company Go Organic Ltd. Unilever Bestfoods UK, 
formed by
the merger of Van den Bergh Foods Ltd and Bestfoods UK Ltd., 
will hold
a 90% share in Go Organic. Founders Charlotte Mitchell, former 
of the Soil Association and nutritionist Sheila Ross, will meanwhile
retain the remaining 10%. The business will continue to be run from
Edinburgh Go Organic markets a range of organic foods including 
sauces, soups and curries. Its products are currently available in
Organic and Natural food shops as well as Waitrose and some
 Gavin Neath, Chairman of Unilever Bestfoods UK said:
"We are committed to offering our consumers a wider choice of 
and this deal means we can now offer a variety of products in the fast
growing organic sector. We are truly excited to be working together
with acknowledged experts in this field."

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