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[Duurzaamlijst] Greens statement on Euro-GM rules

On 20 Feb 2001, at 14:45, Biotech Activists wrote:

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Strasbourg,14 February 2001

European parliament to adopt directive on GMO releases

De-facto moratorium for GMO approvals has to stay

The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament today claims 
that the
adoption of the new GMO deliberate release directive is no reason 
lifting the de facto moratorium for GMO approvals in the EU. The 
acknowledges that the revised Directive on the "deliberate release
into the environment of genetically modified organisms" (GMOs) is
certainly an improvement over previous legislation, but other
important directives are still missing from the legislative jigsaw.

Paul Lannoye, Co-President of the Green-EFA Group, said:

"The new Directive goes along the right lines to protect the
environment and human health. But it should not be seen by member
states as an encouragment to lift the ban on new GMO releases. The
text certainly improves previous proposals, especially regarding
better environmental risk assessment, traceability and monitoring
which might help to identify and remedy adverse effects of GMOs at an
earlier stage. The new Directive will also require all locations of
GMO releases to be recorded in a public register, a success for the
Green/EFA Group line.

"But the European Union's regulatory framework on GMOs is still far
from being complete. Crucial elements of this framework, such as
traceability, labelling, liability for damage caused by GMOs and their
exports to non-EU countries are still in the legislative pipeline.
Before these legislation are adopted and then implemented by the
Member States, a lifting of the de facto moratorium would be foolish."

Hiltrud Breyer, MEP (Greens - Germany) added:

"Allowing new GMO approvals on the grounds that the new directive on
GMO releases provides sufficient protection to consumers and the
environment is like buying a pig in a poke.  Such approvals would, in
fact, contravene the precautionary principle to which the new
Directive makes explicit reference. The Member States should resist
any attempts to lift the de-facto moratorium by "gentlemen agreements"
with biotech companies.

Jill Evans MEP (EFA- Wales) encourages regions seeking to be GMO free
zones to read between the lines of the new directive: She says:

"The directive includes conditions for the protection of particular
ecosystems, environments or geographical areas. This will allow the
release of GMOs to be prohibited in specified regions. It is now up to
regions that so desire to take that initiative under the new directive
in line with what consumers want."

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