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[Duurzaamlijst] The World Bank Netherlands Water Partnership Program

On 15 Feb 2001, at 3:05, Right to Water wrote:

Right to Water (right-to-water@iatp.org)    Posted: 02/15/2001  By 

The Netherlands is contributing NLG 10 million (EUR
4.54 million) over a 3-year period (2001-2003), to the
World Bank Netherlands Water Partnership Program (BNWPP) to
help implement promising water projects.

An important activity of the BNWPP is the establishment of
ten expertise units or "windows" run by two World Bank
staff supported by a group of internationally recognized
experts. These units will judge project proposals. Topics
include: groundwater management, international waters,
water rights, wastewater treatment, water

The BNWPP fits within the new Water Resources Management
Group of the World Bank.

For more information see:

Luitze Bijlsma,

Nabil M. El-Khodari
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