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[Duurzaamlijst] Hennep in Gevaar! Redt Hennep!

Beste mensen,

Na enige controle op www.savehemp.org ben ik tot de
konklusie gekomen, dat bijgaande USA-aktie geen onzin is,
maar in Nederland en Europa wel enigszins anders ligt.

Heb er dus een europese draai aan gegeven in het engels.

Wat kunnen wij hieraan in Nederland en Europa doen?
Ben zelf niet zo thuis op europese milieulijsten zodat ik
het bij publikatie op de duurzaam- en aktielijst laat.

Laat mij even weten als je het doorstuurt naar andere lijsten
in Nederland of Europa.

Hartelijke groeten,
Leonard Kater.

From: "Leonard Kater" <lgwkater@casema.net>
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 04:41
Subject: Hemp in Danger! Save Hemp

Dear Friends,

At INFOTERRA listserver I found an alarming message
about Hemp banning in USA as part of the "war on drugs"
to make testing for drugs easier.

Hemp is a very valuable plant, needing almost no fertilizers to grow
and very useful for making paper and strong fibers.

So the hidden purpose behind banning hemp must be securing
the interests of the woodcutters to cut wood and the corporations
to sell fertilizers just as it has been banned decades ago to serve
the interests of the cotton barons.

This type of anti-drug hysteria should be stopped. ASAP.
Have a look at www.savehemp.org for more details about
the USA situation - but europe should also be invited to take
a firm stand for using hemp as a means to improve soil and save

warm regards,

Leonard Kater

Please forward this message as wide as possible.

From: "Roland A. Duby" <god@hemprock.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 15:10:11 -0500
Subject: [PagPawnt] Fw: DEA getting close to *banning* hemp foods and
cosmetic products!]

Dear Friend,

The DEA has now officially announced that it intends to ban most hemp
products in the United States, including food made from sterile (non-
psychoactive) hemp seeds and hemp-based personal-care products.

Whether or not you expressed your outrage in October when we first heard
about the DEA's plans, please visit http://www.SaveHemp.org now to send an
updated pre-written letter to all of your elected officials and the DEA.

(Many legislators who are now in office were not in office in October. In
addition, legislators who contacted the DEA in October on behalf of their
constituents were told that there wasn't any official proposal to ban hemp
-- which is no longer true. Visit http://www.SaveHemp.org to send your
second round of letters today!)

Under the DEA's proposed regulation, literally millions of Americans will be
criminalized for possessing shampoos, lotions, and soaps that have the
slightest amount of naturally occurring THC, the primary active ingredient
in marijuana. (It is impossible to get a psychoactive effect from hemp-based
shampoos and soaps, but the DEA is proposing to ban them nevertheless.)

Those who are arrested for shampoo or soap will face up to one year in
federal prison and a $10,000 fine -- the same penalties they would face if
they were arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana.

If someone is arrested with a stockpile of (currently legal) hemp products
that weighs hundreds of pounds, it stands to reason that the defendant would
face a 5- or 10-year mandatory minimum prison sentence -- or even the death
penalty -- under federal law.

There are already 700,000 arrests every year in the U.S. for marijuana
offenses. Our nation's beleaguered criminal justice system doesn't need the
additional strain of processing 100,000's of additional arrests that will
result from the illegal possession of non- psychoactive shampoos and soaps.

We don't need another front in our nation's failed war on drugs. Please
oppose the DEA's hemp ban before it is allowed to take effect.

In urgency,
Coalition to Save Hemp

P.S. Please distribute this message as widely as you can. Thank you!

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