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[Duurzaamlijst] (Fwd) Weds. *Live Interactive TV!* Join us

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Date sent:      	Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:55:36 +0100
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From:           	Activists Without Passports <action@web.ca>
Subject:        	Weds. *Live Interactive TV!* Join us

Please join us for:

"Work it Out" a live TV talk show and cabaret with host Tooker Gomberg,
passport burner, longtime green activist and former Canadian City 

LIVE at the recently squatted CineAK 
Reguiliersbreestraat 31, Amsterdam

Weds. Dec. 20
7 pm - 10 pm

Live music:
 -  Murray Campbell , violinist
 -  Brad , acoustic guitar/vocals
   (other musical guests ?? to be confirmed)

 - 'Playing With Democracy' about Tooker's campaign last month for Mayor of
 - 'Sila Alagotok - Inuit Observations on Climate Change', 
 - 'Talk, Talk, Take Action' about the recent World Conference on Climate
   Change in Den Hague

Open discussion:
 - on Activism, Environment and Politics

Join our special guests and studio audience for a lively night of topical
entertainment and raucus debate!

*** Be Sure To Dress Warmly ***

for more info:
061 230 6874


We are Kelly Reinhardt and Tooker Gomberg, two Canadian activist-
journalists now living in The Hague, The Netherlands.  
We are citizens of the Earth, and pledge allegience to our home planet.
In outrage and shame at the Canadian Government's negociating position, and
lack of domestic action to fight to avert the coming climate catastrophe we
burned our Canadian passports at the World Climate Conference on Friday,
Nov. 24, 2000.

You can reach us, or offer help (send money!) at: action@web.ca. 
Please check out our websites at: http://www.GombergForMayor.org
and http://www.Greenspiration.org 

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