[Vredeslijst] Ander Nieuws: laatste bericht

Jeff meisner op xs4all.nl
Di Jun 5 18:59:29 CEST 2018

Thank you for this useful list of resources.

I would like to point out that the very first site on the list (only 
because of alphabetization) Antiwar.com is in fact a right-wing 
organization. They openly admit that fact:

Probably the only reason that they would ever have come to our attention 
is that their strategy involves orienting toward those on the left (as 
they admit in the above statement) with a certain antiwar message that 
ignores the opposite motivation that the left and some rightwing sources 
have for opposing the same wars (for us, solidarity with the victims of 
imperialist war; for the right, seeing these wars as "mistakes" that 
will weaken the imperialist states that foolishly undertake them).

There has always been a segment of the far-right that opposes 
imperialist wars, but these were separate from the anti-war movements 
that protested in the streets. They did not pose a problem for us 
because they were rather distinct and unimportant, and they certainly 
were not present among the leadership of the antiwar movements. 
Unfortunately that changed with the Arab Spring, and now they have made 
themselves (and their rhetoric) largely indistinguishable from the 
progressive antiwar leadership. For instance, Patrick Buchanan (one of 
the featured writers on Antiwar.com) is a far-right racist (or fascist) 
who worked for Nixon and Reagan; he has opposed almost all American 
military actions in the last 40 years, but of course for very wrong 

There are some other sites listed among these resources that have 
objectionable content. Given the blurring of lines, they unwittingly or 
recklessly print "antiwar" pieces from rightists (as we also find some 
leftists published in Antiwar.com, RT, and Sputnick) which feeds into 
the toxic notion of the so-called Red-Brown alliance or Querfront. 
However only Antiwar.com is directly controlled by the right wing among 
the list supplied by Ander Nieuws (as far as I know).

For information over Syria, I will later supply a (small) list of sites 
which do not support the counter-revolution.

- Jeff

On 2018-06-04 22:15, vredesnieuws op vredessite.nl wrote:
> Op 16 april besloot de redactie van 'Ander Nieuws' om er na meer dan
> zestien jaar een punt achter te zetten. Wij deden dit met de belofte
> dat er nog een lijst op de Vredessite geplaatst zou worden met
> nieuwsbronnen over het Midden-Oosten. Deze lijst vindt u in dit
> bericht.

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