[Vredeslijst] actieoproep! steun demo in ItaliŽ tegen wapenlevering aan israel, no m346 to israel

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Zo Sep 30 23:10:49 CEST 2012

From: Stephanie Westbrook

Dear all,

On Oct 13 there will be a national demonstration at Alenia Aermacchi HQ in 
the north of Italy, against weapons production in general and the sale of 
M346 trainer jets to Israel in particular. Below the announcement in 

The organizers would very much welcome endorsements and *especially* 
statements of support. Please send to: nessunm346xisraele op gmail.com

Please circulate to Palestine solidarity and anti-war/anti-militarization 
groups in your country.


Stop the War Machine, No M-346 or any other weapons to Israel
October 13, 2012, National Demonstration at Alenia Aermacchi Headquarters, 
Varese, Italy

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, a national demonstration will be held in 
Varese, Italy, where most of the country's military aircraft production is 
located, to denounce the weapons industry, in particular the sale of 30 
M-346 trainer jets to Israel. The protest will take place at the Alenia 
Aermacchi headquarters, manufacturers of the M-346 and part of Finmeccanica 
Group, one of the world's top weapons producers.

The M-346, defined as a "technologically advanced trainer jet," is in fact 
designed to be armed with missiles or bombs. These weapons will undoubtedly 
be "tested" first and foremost on Palestinians. As a trainer jet, the M-346 
is designed to prepare fighter pilots in the use of the most 
"technologically sophisticated" attack aircraft, such as the "netcentric" 
and "invisible" F-35 from US weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Israel 
has signed on to purchase 19 F-35 fighter jets, with an option for 56, and 
Italy is also unfortunately in line to purchase the combat aircraft for 
future wars.

Recently, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stopped off at Alenia 
Aermacchi headquarters near Varese during his semi-secret tour of Italy, 
which was soon followed by the signing of the M-346 contract.

Local and national politicians, from center-left to center-right, have 
promoted the deal, conveniently "overlooking" the December 2008 - January 
2009 "Operation Cast Lead", which saw Israel's "air power" rain down on the 
unarmed civilian Palestinian population, killing 1400, of which 400 
children. A brutal military action, in which Israel used new unknown weapons 
as well as those already prohibited by international conventions (white 
phosphorus, DIME bombs, depleted uranium) and committed war crimes and 
crimes against humanity as documented in the UN "Goldstone Report".

In addition to halting the sale of M-346 jets to Israel, the demands of the 
demonstration include suspension of the military cooperation agreement 
between Italy and Israel signed in 2005.

In recent years, local groups in Varese have denounced the chronic 
dependence of their territory on war production, organizing assemblies and 
protests against Agusta Westland (helicopters) and Alenia Aermacchi 
(aircraft) and, more recently, the F-35.

The demonstration also calls on workers at AleniaAermacchi and all weapons 
producers to rejects employment based threats and to work to convert 
factories from producing instruments of death to socially beneficial and 
environmentally friendly products.

Moreover, local groups have called this national demonstration in opposition 
to the practice of war, which has intensified over the last 20 years, where 
military action is called "peace", justified as an instrument of "preventive 
security" and to "export democracy", and even defined as "humanitarian."

"Humanitarian war" is instead an oxymoron: war causes nothing but death, 
injuries, destruction, generating hatred, resentment and revenge, it is the 
most inhumane act imaginable.

There will never be peace as long as the most profitable industry is that of 
producing weapons and instruments of death.

Participants include Father Alex Zanotelli, Prof. Massimo De Santi, Prof. 
Mauro Cristaldi, dr Mario Agostinelli and former Vice President of European 
Parliament Luisi Morgantini.

Endorsements and statements of support can be sent to: 
nessunm346xisraele op gmail.com

Varese organizing committee:


Filippo Bianchetti, Varesino Committee for Palestine-Varese
filippo op bianchetti.org

Elio Pagani, DisArmiAmoLaPace - Varese
elpagani op libero.it 

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