[Vredeslijst] Noam Chomsky's Call to Action, Join us at the Kick-off & NY Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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Ma Sep 24 16:35:59 CEST 2012


NOAM CHOMSKY, one of the world's most prominent public intellectual, argues 
that the coming session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in NYC on Oct. 
6-7, 2012, is key in time and location and calls on people to attend and 
take action.

As Chomsky argues in this video clip, "The high level of anger against the 
US in the Arab and Muslim world is driven in substantial measure by the 
severe punishment of the Palestinians and the denial of their elementary 

Please watch this video and register for the Tribunal. More information 
below on the Kick-off Celebration & Tribunal.

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Kick-off Celebration for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Friday, October 5th @ 8PM (doors open at 7:30PM)
New York City (venue TBA soon)
RSVP: rtop.nyc op gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/114260088726052

Join us for an exhilarating night of socially conscious music, theater, 
poetry, and hip-hop to kick off the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

Bringing together an eclectic mix of luminaries and Russell Tribunal 
jurists, including Alice Walker, Angela Davis and Dennis Banks, with a 
brilliant lineup of artists, including Suheir Hammad, the Mahina Movement, 
Remi Kanazi, Ismail Khalidi, Peace Poets, Tahani Salah, the Columbia 
Palestinian Dabke Brigade, and many others!

This will truly be a memorable night to launch a groundbreaking tribunal.

This event is free and open to the public.

RSVP is REQUIRED: Please email rtop.nyc op gmail.com . Kindly note, seating is 
on a first-come, first-seated basis.


+ Angela Davis: a juror at the RToP, a civil right icon, an award winning 
author, and a former prominent member of the Black Panther Party.
+ Alice Walker: a juor at the RToP, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, an 
award winning poet, and a celebrated activist.
+ Dennis Banks: a juror at the RToP and a world renowned activist, writer, 
and co-founder of the American Indian Movement.

+ Suheir Hammad: An award winning poet, author, and political activist. She 
is the author of Breaking Poems, Zaatar Diva, Born Palestinian, Born 
Black,and Drops of This Story.

+ Ismail Khalidi: An award winning Palestinian American playwright, poet, 
and actor. He is the playwright of Tennis in Nablus and Truth Serum Blues.
+ Peace Poets: A community based arts collective that aims to create safe 
spaces for youth to express themselves artistically and discover their true 
potential as community members and leaders.
+ Remi Kanazi: Palestinian-American poet, writer, and activist. He is the 
author of Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine and the 
editor of Poets For Palestine.
+ Mahina Movement: A 3-woman trio who combine poetry and song to tell 
stories of the personal and political wrapped with courage, strength and 
awareness of human struggle.
+Tahani Salah: Performer, poet, and activist based in Brooklyn.
+ Columbia Palestinian Dabkeh Brigade: The Dabke Brigade was formed as a 
means of artistic resistance to the cultural and physical occupation of 
And many more to be announced soon!

More on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RToP)

Register: http://www.russelltribunalonpalestine.com

Join Noam Chomsky, Huwaida Arraf, Ilan Pappe, Angela Davis, Russell Means, 
Alice Walker and so many others in New York City on October 6–7, 2012 for 
the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RToP).

RToP was launched in 2009 following the massacre of more than 1,400 Gazans 
perpetrated by Israel, and has since worked to bring together legal experts, 
scholars, activists, and other people of note, to help shed light on the 
reality of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. RToP also shines a light on the 
active role that third parties—foreign governments and corporations—play in 
enabling human rights violations in Israel-Palestine.

Previous sessions of the tribunal have been held in Barcelona, London, and 
Cape Town. These hearings have addressed, respectively, European Union 
support for Israel, the complicity of corporations in the occupation of 
Palestine, and the question of whether Israel is guilty of the crime of 
apartheid. The fourth and final session will be held in New York City this 
October 6-7, and will examine the role of the United Nations and the United 
States in perpetuating Israel’s impunity in depriving the Palestinian people 
of their rights.

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