[Vredeslijst] Fwd: On the way to Freedom

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Wo Feb 29 15:25:03 CET 2012

Beste mensen,

hier een brief van een Israelische vredeswerker, die ik in de Peace
Community Tamera in Portugal heb leren kennen.
Ik heb grote waardering voor Uri en de groep vredeswerkers met hem, die
werken aan de oprichting van een ecologisch vredesdorp in Israel-Palestina.
Uri kan alle support gebruiken in de komende 10 dagen, zoals hij
hieronder beschrijft. Mocht je een donatie willen geven, ik kan je
verzekeren dat deze direct bijdraagt aan de vredesprojecten waarvoor
deze groep zich inzet. Ook letters of support zijn vast en zeker welkom.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Malika Cieremans

-------- Originele bericht -------

In few days (1st March) i will go to prison, and i ask your attention to
hear why. On 24th November 2007, I participated in a demonstration in
Tel Aviv against violence toward women. The organizer of the
demonstration was arrested on the sidewalk and I joined my friends who
blocked the police car where she was being held. I was arrested and a
court hearing went against me, In which the judge decided to add to the
suspended sentence a fine of 800 shekels (160 Euro) or 10 days in
prison. After much thought I decided that my conscience does not allow
me to pay this money to the State of Israel.

One out of three women has experienced sexual harassment during her
lifetime. In Israel during the last year 21 women were killed by their
partners. We still live in a patriarchal culture in which the female
voice is silenced and the feminine knowledge is repressed. I will go to
prison for the right to protest against patriarchy, chauvinism and
machismo and for new relationships between men and women. I see a direct
connection between the fight between the genders to the culture of war
in Israel. Instead of funding the military budget I would like to invest
my money in purchasing land and establishing an ecological village which
will research peace by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals
<http://www.prv-association.org>. But Israel's policy regarding land
acquisition, ecological building and co-existence prevents me from doing
this here.

Several months ago I returned to Israel from the Tamera Peace Research
Village (Portugal)<http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=1&amp;L=0>, after
four years of intensive study in which I learned about the possibility
to create social structures that support peace. In this study I also
encountered the patterns of war in me that made me for example stay
sitting on the road, against my decision (before the demonstration) not
to confront the police and not to be swept away by the places in me that
are attracted to the high energy of such a confrontation. I also learned
how love and sexuality are at the root of our deepest longings, as well
as at the root of our most painful fears. I learned and I'm still
learning to separate love from jealousy, domination, possessiveness and
calculation. I now live in Jerusalem with a group of pioneering men and
women who are researching together how people can live together in
peace. Our lives are dedicated to creating a new culture which is based
on communities who commit to truth and trust. This is my new activism

If you support my decision not to pay the fine, I have a request from
you: while sitting in jail I cannot continue my fund-raising work for
the various projects of our group, such as the planning and building of
a system of lakes to retain rainwater in Wadi Qelt (near Jericho) as a
model to stop desertification. Please contribute to the humanization of
money - from the industry of war to building models of peace. This will
be a wonderful gift for me to discover that while I was sitting in jail
donations were accumulated that will enable the continuation of our
work. Here you can donate on-line with a credit card
<http://www.prv-association.org/node/34>. Anyway, please send me an
e-mail to update me if you contributed or if you wish to contribute.
Even a small amount will delight my heart and remind me that I'm not alone.

For a world without states, prisons and punishment
For a real revolution in which the loving human is in the center
For accessibility for all humans to water, food and energy
For the happiness of all beings

Uri Ayalon, February 2012
uri_ayalon op yahoo.com

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