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Vr Okt 15 09:47:57 CEST 2010

Beste mensen,
Voor de lieve vrede: kijk op (http://popularstruggle.org), rubriek OECD en  
schrijf een brief!

Originele tekst:
“Join us in calling on Angel Gurria, the chairman of the OECD, to cancel  
the organization's tourism conference in Jerusalem and withdraw its  
support of Israeli colonialism.

Despite Israel’s persistent violations of human rights and disregard for  
International law, the OECD – whose member countries include the majority  
of the world richest countries – granted Israel membership on May 27th  
this year.

On the 20-22 of October 2010 The OECD plans to hold its bi-annual tourism  
conference. This year's summit, which usually takes place in Paris, is  
planned to be held in Jerusalem - a city whose indigenous Palestinian  
residents suffer from systemic discrimination and expulsion.

Tourism plays an important role in Israel’s colonization of occupied East  
Jerusalem. The state and right wing settler organizations cooperate in  
expelling Palestinians residents from East Jerusalem neighborhoods such as  
Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah for the creation of colonies combined with  
biblical theme parks for tourists.

Please join us in calling on the OECD to cancel its tourism conference in  
Jerusalem. Below is a suggested template letter we have drafted. Please  
change it to your liking (or just use it as is), fill in your details in  
the form bellow, and hit the send button to send the letter.

Make sure to fill in the code at the bottom before hitting the send  
bottom. We need you to do that to avoid being used to send spam.

After sending the letter you will be taken to a page where you can tell  
others about this campaign, please ask your friends to send a letter as  
tell a friend:
The OECD is planning to hold its bi-annual tourism conference in Jerusalem  
this year, in only a few days. Please look at  
http://popularstruggle.org/content/oecd to see what we can do to help the  
efforts against this conference and the OECD's recent adoption of the  
state Israel into its ranks DESPITE the Occupation and its policies of  
racial discrimination.You can use  
"http://popularstruggle.org/content/oecd" link to quickly send a letter to  
the chairman of the OECD demanding that the conference is canceled or  
relocated. It will take no more than a minute. “
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