Telibecirovic in his younger days

People are sick all over the world. Perhaps only by the fact they are people, it is already sick enough. It has been written so much upon this subject from so many different points of view. There is no further need to be a smart ass on that. Let us just remind of one sickness which is inside all of us. Someone would admit it but many people wouldn't for some reason. It is nostalgia, a very well known term and even better known as a feeling. Nostalgia is originated from the Greek words nostos - return and algos - pain. Pain of this kind of feeling leads towards the famous expression with same meaning, home sick. Pain and sick has something in common of course. Also nostalgia can be pain in the ass sometimes. But still nostalgia is mainly called home-sick.
People or a person live too far from their home country, town, village or region for too long so thoughts about their home is pleasant at first, but then it turns into pain or suffer. Sounds normal because it is normal. But for how long? If it is too much then it might be abnormal. Yet, homesick is somehow always about a place.
Nostalgia is a word with extended meanings. It should cover more similar feelings. Or the same feelings but with different aim.
Why can't we be nostalgic for some time period, not just for home, place or space. Or to call it time-sick. For example after the war in ex Yugoslavia there is significant amount of people called "yugonostalgics". They feel sorry cause their home country doesn't exist anymore in political and national way. But they feel sorry for the time when they lived in this country before it collapsed. If they are not expelled refugees, or their home isn't burned, and they didn't leave their house and town then they are still on the same land. Then what's their problem ? They still feel sick, even though they are inside their own house. So, not a home-sick in this case, but time-sick, although it's not confirmed this word officially exists. It was the time when somebody had nice life, or whatever is nice, not just pure home. Perhaps even a time period can be called home. If someone is born in Travnik it's his home town, if somebody is born at 1964 it's his home year. He or she was born in the 60s and it's their home decade. Or born century, born period and so on. We can hardly say music-sick or movie-sick because it would produce various versions of different understandings and misunderstandings. Different views are aiming different. Only if our favorite music or movies belongs to some old times then it's related to being time-sick - and there is something special in this word no matter how idiotic you think it sounds.
If my home is in the same place while I am in it, then I only feel sorry for the passed time when I looked at my home in a different way. If I feel sorry for my nice but wasted childhood then I feel sorry about some time period, so again, time-sick.
On the other hand being nostalgic could be like being weak. Too much sadness for old home (or time) can bother people's mind, make hearts painful, brain lazy, stomach with cramps, ass with hemorrhoids and soul empty. But there is sort of people who can stand it in their way. Guys who can turn all that into advantage instead weakness. They belong to those who are able to recognize the joy even out of little accident caused by stepping with brand new shoes on stinky and sticky shit in the middle of the street. Perhaps they realized that crap will be below their shoes, under their feet and it's helpless, unavoidable. It's not opposite way around. Man is up, crap is down, so man is the master. Same is with nostalgic memoirs, it's a virtual thing somewhere inside the brain, untouchable. Man is supposed to be the key master who could control input and output of the brain, in order to keep nostalgia under control. The problem isn't in the words home-sick, time-sick or nostalgia. Words are still welcome, especially because words are something that is disappearing. Soon we are only gonna repeat ourselves and our stories. The same words are flowing around the world. We'll need new words. Otherwise we could be kind of letter sick, not only in nostalgic way but in many other ways as well. However, it is still better to be time-sick than just a sick, like salad without oil or salt. After all we are still all humans luckily and unfortunately at the same time.