Telibecirovic in his younger days

If we take a simple rounded dish and throw small bunch of rice into that, then the rice granulars would briefly roll all over the dish bottom like they are trying to escape out of it, and soon they would appease in bunch on the bottom of the dish. Now, let's say if city of Sarajevo presents the bottom of the dish and citizens are like rice granulars, then the walls and edges of dish would be mountains and hills around Sarajevo. Such a comparation would be recognizable mostly from the birds view (the view of nato pilots).

Sarajevo is surrounded with mountains all around, and as so it is available either to be host of the olympic winter games or to be under siege. Both of those possibillities were realised, now perhaps some third one is being searched. In this town is traditionally difficult to save some local secret, almost impossible. Can we blame for that only the mentality of the population it's hard to say. We are getting again to the mystics of the mounts and hills around. Even when someone just whispers, information is flying from ear to ear and then it starts to climb up the mountain till some point after what is rolling back to the person of origin, like echo. It couldn't cross the top of mountains just like rice grain couldn't make it over the edge of dish (apart from some rare and unsignificant exceptions) .

Two sarajevans had idea how to check the speed of spreading informations in their neighbourhood. they made fake information plus they made it sound kind of sensational a little. They lied to some acquaintance in caffe bar that one very popular actor castrated him self. Later on those two guys were waiting to see how long it will take before the same information comes back to them. The first guy heard it few days after when he almost forgot about it, and other one same day when he got back home. His wife told him the same "news"plus some further detail - she heard that actor after he did castration he packed his balls and mailed to some hollywood producer. It was maybe kind of combination of curiosity and some liberal perversion based on traditional dark humor of this region. There have been cases of being misinformed combinated with fear. Like sometimes in the beginning of the war, in the part of town which is pretty open and visible from the cannon fire positions on the mountain but very remoted as well. Older women would say to kids : "don't speak too loud , the chetniks can hear you from the top of mount Trebevic and start shelling again". Old grannies under siege would somehow be informed in advance and in details about "secret" military operations inside of Sarajevo and around, including time and place of attack to or out of Sarajevo. Nothing could be hidden. well, anyway beside other things it was time of panic too. Among the similar things there is also some unofficial rule about Sarajevo, nobody can be star or so respected to admire him or to be different from others by that. Doesn't matter how big celebrity someone is. If you are successful and well known actor, musician or even politician, you can walk through Sarajevo's streets without bodyguards and without snobish or arrogant speach, otherwise you would be spontaniously isolated. When you are in medias then you could be like a god, but soon after you come down among passers by then it's like nothing is ever recorded or spoken, everyone is equal. It can have its good and bad sides. Many famous sportists, writers and artists use to leave the town since they couldn't get enough respect and understanding as so. If they wanted more people to hear about them or to live of their celebrity work, they had to leave the claustrophobic mountain surrounding.

A few decades ago, the attractive old building of sarajevo's city hall and later on national library was sold to some naive rich American guy by one local punk rascal. Of course guy who sold the building was the owner of it as much as the medicine for hemoroids is anal sex. He introduced himself to American as the owner of the library building and after a while he sold it to American without negotiating much. The American guy lost his money without getting a national library of course and Sarajevo got a new legend. Thanks again to the local circulation of stories inside mountain ring, ordinary citizens knew who did it and how it's done, before the police (that time militia). They even approved and justified that partly. There was no need for classic investigation to discover the whole story. People knew all (even more than all!!) before they got officially informed through the medias, as usually. Speaking of that stupid rich American, he can't blame anybody because he couldn't understand that he is the same as everybody else - a grain of rice in the dish, at least untill dish get spill.