Kozja Cuprija

About three kilometers going out of Sarajevo toward east over the city river Miljacka is a five centuries old stone bridge called Goat bridge. That bridge in the ancient past was Sarajevo's connection to the roads to Istanbul, as well as the Roman stone bridge on west side was Sarajevo's connection with the roads to Vienna in the deep history. There are several legends about this Goat bridge and its name. The most used one is about a poor young shepherd in 15th century who was feeding his goats by the river side, and goats ate one big bush and discovered an entrance to some small cave. The young shepherd noticed in this cave a case full of thousants golden coins. The Shepherd, of course, became rich, invested money smartly and went to Istanbul to study and become a businessman. He was grateful to his goats who helped him to become a rich man so he sent money and workers with the order to makea nice stone bridge dedicated to his goats and called it goat bridge due to that.
One of other versions says that some goat skeletons are implanted inside bridge construction. Those skeletons are of two rams who were fighting with their horns on the wooden bridge that existed on the same position previously, before the stone one. According to legend two rams were stacked with horns to each other and couldn't get separate so they died on the bridge like that. Later on some people find them as so.