[Vredeslijst] Syrians in UK denounce victim-blaming conspiracy theories

Jeff meisner op xs4all.nl
Di Jul 4 18:29:35 CEST 2017

Rethink Rebuild Society

The voice of the British Syrian Community

Press Release

Syrians outraged by The Canary's publishing of lies

By republishing Seymour Hersh's debunked conspiracy theory absolving the 
Assad regime of using Sarin on the civilians of Khan Sheikoun in April, 
The Canary is responsible for spreading malicious propaganda that serves 
the interests of the dictatorship. [1]

Hersh's story received minimal media interest, seemingly because it 
falls far short of journalistic standards, and does not stand up to 
scrutiny. [2] The Canary takes this as evidence of a conspiracy on the 
part of the BBC to defend the 'official narrative'. Hersh's 
unsubstantiated story contradicts the assessments of Western 
governments, independent experts, and even the defences of the Assad 
regime and Russia.

Syrians have had concerns about the BBC's coverage of the conflict in 
the past, [3] but The Canary's suggestion that it has deliberately 
covered up details of the Assad regime's chemical massacres is nonsense. 
The Canary depends on clickbait headlines and shocking stories, but in 
spreading this misinformation it has crossed a line. Given that the 
story is very obviously false, this amounts to nothing more than scoring 
political points and gaining attention by using the innocent victims of 
the Assad regime.

It is unsurprising that the story is used to advertise the work of the 
Stop the War Coalition, which routinely attempts to marginalise or 
silence the voices of Syrians. [4]

Haytham Alhamwi, Advocacy Director at Rethink Rebuild Society, said: 
"The Canary's slogan is 'for the people, not the powerful', but 
conspiracy theories like this only serve the interests of the brutal 
Assad regime. Propaganda and conspiracy theories not only prevent Syrian 
voices from being heard, but also push the policy debate away from real, 
lasting solutions to the conflict in Syria."


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