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Criminal investigation of the Nobel Peace Prize

Media release
Lund and Oslo, April 25, 2014

The management of the Nobel Peace Prize has become a case for the  
Norwegian police, following a request for criminal investigation from  
16 prominent Scandinavians, parliamentarians, lawyers, authors and  
peace activists, 10 Swedes and 6 Norwegians, to the authority on  
economic crime, the ØKOKRIM.
The move is based on the research of Norwegian lawyer Fredrik S.  
Heffermehl who in his books has called for respect for Alfred Nobel  
and the peace plan he wished to support.

- "In his last years Nobel joined the peace movement and wished to  
support financially its idea of co-operation on disarmament to replace  
military force and forces. The Norwegian Parliament appoints the five- 
member selection committee that must step down and be replaced by  
people who favor the idea of the prize,” says Heffermehl.
He claims that his demands through 6 years, and even an order in March  
2012 from the Swedish Foundations Authority have not led the awarders  
to show any interest in Nobel and what he really wanted.
- "This is unlawful and criminal, and the requested police  
investigation comes as a last resort to secure justice for “the  
champions of peace” Nobel specified in his will.

The letter of accusation points in particular to Thorbjørn Jagland,  
the chair of the Nobel Committee and the incumbent Secretary General  
of the Council of Europe, and to Geir Lundestad, the powerful  
secretary of the committee.
- “The laws must be respected also by politicians, it is particularly  
worrisome that the Nobel awarders act as if they were above the law  
and seem to feel confident that society will not enforce the law  
against them,” says Sweden´s Tomas Magnusson, a former president of  
the International Peace Bureau.
- “Ignoring dissent and mowing down dissidents is a dangerous path to  
embark on. If we allow such norms to become political standard, how  
much democracy do we then have?”

Contacts for further comments:
- Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Email: fredpax op online.no
Phone: +47 917 44 783
- Tomas Magnusson, Email: gosta.tomas op gmail.com
Phone: +46 708 29 31 97

The 16 persons signing the request for criminal investigations are:
- Anna-Lisa Björneberg, Sweden, Chair of Fredsam (Gothenburg),
- Nils Christie, Norway, professor, University of Oslo
- Erik Dammann, Norway, founder “Future in our hands,” Oslo
- Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Norway, professor, University of Oslo
- Ståle Eskeland, Norway, professor of criminal law, University of Oslo
- Erni Friholt, Sweden, Peace movement of Orust*
- Ola Friholt, Sweden, Peace movement of Orust*
- Gunnar Garbo, Norway, ex MP, leader of Venstre, the Liberal Party
- Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Norway, lawyer and author on the Nobel Peace  
- Lars-Gunnar Liljestrand, Sweden, Chair of the Association of FiB  
- Tomas Magnusson, Sweden, ex President, International Peace Bureau
- Birger Schlaug, Sweden, author, ex MP
- Sören Sommelius, Sweden, author and culture journalist*
- Maj-Britt Theorin, Sweden, ex President, International Peace Bureau*
- Gunnar Westberg, Sweden, Professor, ex Co-President IPPNW (Nobel  
peace prize 1985)*
- Jan Öberg,TFF, Sweden, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future  
    * TFF Associate

--- TFF Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research
Vegagatan 25, S - 22457 Lund, Sweden, (+46) 738 52 52 00

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