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Dear friends and supporters of Mayors for Peace,

Thank you for your ongoing support for the activities of  
Mayors for Peace.
Please find below news related to the most recent  
activities of Mayors for Peace.

■ Protest against nuclear tests conducted by U.S.A.
On July 20, the executive cities of Mayors for Peace sent a  
letter of protest
against the subcritical nuclear tests conducted in December  
2010 and in February 2011
to the United States and the U.S. Embassy in Japan, on  
behalf of our 4,803 member cities
in 151 countries and regions.
▼Full text of the Letter of Protest (PDF):

■Mayor Matsui’s First Policy Speech
On June 17, 2011, Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima delivered his  
first policy speech
at the Hiroshima City Council.
He expressed basic ideas and major policies to promote city  
including the efforts for our "city with a shared wish for  
His response to a question about Mayors for Peace on June  
23 is also available.
▼Excerpts from Mayor Matsui’s First Policy Speech:

■ The Financial Contributions from Member Cities to the  
2020 Vision Campaign
- Update for June 2011 [Ypres, Belgium]
The 2020 Vision Campaign received donations from 11 cities  
in 5 countries this June,
coming to a total of 2.916,45 Euro.
We would like to extend our gratitude to our member cities  
for this generosity
in supporting our efforts to realize a nuclear-weapon-free  
world by 2020.
▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):
▼List of cities that made contributions in June:

■Belgian Mayors Commemorate Hiroshima-Nagasaki Days [Ypres,  
On August 6th, the world will commemorate the  
Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings.
In Belgium, nine cities (Aalst, Antwerp, Bastogne,  
Brussels, Ghent, Leuven,
Mechelen, Mons and Ypres) and peace organizations will  
commemorate the atomic bombing
through various events.
Belgian Mayors for Peace member cities joined efforts with  
Abolition 2000
to organize these unprecedented events in solidarity with  
Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
while asking the Belgian government to facilitate the  
immediate start of negotiations
to establish a nuclear weapon-free world by 2020.
▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■FAM Convenes Mayors across Latin America to Join  
Solidarity with Mayors for Peace
[Buenos Aires, June 30]
FAM (Argentina Federation of Municipalities) has invited  
all its members
to join Mayors for Peace before August 6th’s commemoration  
in Hiroshima.
FLACMA (The Latin America Federation of Cities,  
Municipalities and Associations
of Local Governments) is also involved with Mayors for  
The solidarity of FAM and FLACMA is welcomed by Mayors for  
and the organization is that other institutions can develop  
similar initiatives
the upcoming weeks because the world's eyes will turn to  
Hiroshima on August 6.
▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■Hiroshima Moves Public to Tears in Paranagua
[Brazil, July4 ]
Mayors for Peace and the Brazilian Association of Hibakusha  
invited for the commemorations of the 363rd anniversary of  
the city of Paranagua (PR), in Brazil.
The Mayor of Paranagua, hosted a special event to celebrate  
their membership
to Mayors for Peace with the opening of a public exhibition  
of the A-bomb.
The Mayor of Paranagua successfully invited other mayors  
from coastal cities
of the state of Parana to join Mayors for Peace.
Testimony from representatives of the Hibakusha Association  
of Brazil
as survivors of the 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
and the screening of the documentary “A Mother’s Prayer” at  
the City Hall,
moved the audience to tears and raised public commotion for  
the inhumanity of nuclear weapons.
▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■Mayors for Peace /NFLA English Forum Joint Seminar
[Oxford, UK July 8]
On Friday, July 8, the UK Mayors for Peace Working Group  
held a business meeting,
followed by a joint seminar with the NFLA English Forum in  
Oxford, UK.
At the business meeting there was agreement on a joint  
letter to recruit
new members and on a UK tour of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki  
A-bomb exhibition.
The afternoon joint seminar considered issues with UK  
nuclear weapons policy
with speakers from BASIC, CND, NIS and Mayors for Peace.
▼Full article:

■ Mayors for Peace Member Cities - 71 new cities
Thanks to your invaluable support, as of July 1, 2011, the  
number of
member cities reached 4,803 in 151 countries and regions.
The Bikini Atoll in the Marshal Islands is still suffering  
from the consequences
of nuclear tests and is among the new members.
Riyadh Region joined as the first member city from Saudi  
42 Japanese municipalities joined Mayors for Peace this  
making the number of Japanese member cities reached 1,017.
Thanks to the mayor of Paranagua, six Brazilian cities  
As our recruitment drive will continue, we would be most  
if you could invite your mayors, who are not yet our  
members, to join us.
▼Related information (PDF):
▼Related Story (2020 Vision Campaign website)

■ Cities Are Not Targets! (CANT) Petition Drive Continues
Thanks to your invaluable support, the total number of the  
collected for our grass-roots petition drive, “Cities Are  
Not Targets! (CANT)”,
since February 2007 has reached 1.1 million.
Mayors for Peace launched a new version of the CANT  
petition drive
last December, focusing on a nuclear weapons convention and  
clearly setting
a time framework for abolition of nuclear weapons by 2020.
We would appreciate your continued support.
▼Petition form (PDF):
▼Online petition:

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to  
or change your contact information, please contact us at:
Mayors for Peace Secretariat
1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan
Tel: +81-82-242-7821 Fax: +81-82-242-7452
Email: mayorcon op pcf.city.hiroshima.jp.

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