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Dear friends and supporters of Mayors for Peace,

Thank you for your ongoing support for the activities of  
Mayors for Peace.
Please find below news related to the most recent  
activities of Mayors for Peace.


■ First Meeting of New Hiroshima Mayor with Nagasaki Mayor:
Deepening Cooperation for a Nuclear-Free World
On May 10, Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima visited Nagasaki and  
met with
Mayor Taue of Nagasaki for the first time since he assumed  
office in April.
The mayors affirmed their commitment to deepen cooperation  
for a nuclear-weapon-free world
and to continue to make efforts in developing Mayors for  
Regarding the Fukushima disaster, they also agreed to  
disseminate accurate knowledge on radiation.
Later in Hiroshima, Mayor Matsui said that if Japanese  
citizens’ trust
in nuclear power plants had been lost, that trust should be  

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■ Acknowledgement of Messages and Support for the Disaster  
Victims in Japan
On behalf of all Japanese, we extend our heartfelt  
gratitude to those
who have sent us encouraging messages and other forms of  
Your messages to the disaster victims have been translated  
Japanese and posted on the Japanese version of our website.

▼List of messages (in Japanese):

■ Financial Contributions from Member Cities to the 2020  
Vision Campaign
- Update for April 2011 [Ypres, Belgium]
The 2020 Vision Campaign received donations from 17 cities  
in 5 countries this April,
coming to a total of 7.772,88 Euro.  We would like to  
extend our gratitude
to our member cities for this generosity in supporting our  
to realize a nuclear-weapon-free world by 2020.

▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):
▼List of cities that made contributions in April:

■ Protest against nuclear tests conducted by U.S.A.
On May 23, the executive cities of Mayors for Peace have  
sent a letter of protest
against the nuclear tests conducted in November 2010 and in  
March 2011
to the United States and the U.S. embassy in Japan,
on behalf of our 4,704 member cities in 150 countries and  

▼Full text of the Letter of Protest (PDF):

■ Colombian Network of Municipalities for Peace and Mayors  
for Peace Start Co-operation
[Bogota, Colombia]
On May 20, Mayors for Peace signed an agreement of  
with the Federacion Colombiana de Municipios (FCM).
FCM is committed to supporting the elimination of all  
nuclear weapons by 2020,
while Mayors for Peace is committed to promoting the work  
of the Colombian network
of Municipalities for Peace, a part of the FCM.

▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■ Mayors for Peace Signs Agreement of Co-operation with  
Federacion de Municipios Libres de Peru
[Lima, Peru]
Mayors for Peace signed an agreement of co-operation with  
Federacion de Municipios Libres de Peru (FEMULP) during  
VI National Meeting on May 18 in Lima, Peru.
On the following day FEMULP organized several events at  
city halls near the capital.
A meeting with representatives of the City Hall of Lima was  
also held,
where progress was made for Peru's capital to join Mayors  
for Peace.

▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■ Mayors for Peace Hosted “Ecological and Humanitarian  
of Nuclear Warfare” Seminar [Geneva, Switzerland]
On May 17, Mayors for Peace hosted a seminar entitled  
and Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Warfare” in  
Geneva, Switzerland,
for government delegates to the UN’s Conference on  
  Presentations by leading scientists highlighted the  
alarming evidence
on the catastrophic consequences of even limited nuclear  
on the climate, food production, human nutrition, and  
global security.
Discussions emphasized the need for research to further  
elaborate the extent of
such catastrophes and for increased awareness among  
governmental officials and the general public.

▼Full article (2020 Vision Campaign website):

■ Video of Charity Concert in Support of Campaign Held in  
Hiroshima Available on YouTube
Video of a charity concert supporting the 2020 Vision  
Campaign held
in Hiroshima in December 13, 2010 is now available on  
This concert was organized by musicians in Hiroshima and  
they have donated
1 million yen to the campaign.
The organizers hope that similar activities supporting the  
2020 Vision Campaign
will be promoted among member cities around the world.

▼Full article:

■ Report from the 2011 World Human Rights Cities Forum  
[Gwangju, South Korea]
 From May 15 to 18, Steven Leeper, Chairman of the  
Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation,
attended the 2011 World Human Right Cities Forum in  
Gwangju, South Korea.
He spoke on behalf of the mayor of Hiroshima about the  
peace policies
of Hiroshima and Mayors for Peace.

▼Full article:

■ Mayors for Peace Member Cities - 24 new cities
Thanks to your invaluable support, as of May 1, 2011, the  
number of
member cities reached 4,704 in 150 countries and regions.
As a result of promotion on the occasion of a general  
meeting of the
Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (FNP) in April, 34 cities from  
Brazil joined Mayors for Peace.
As our recruitment drive will continue, we would be most  
if you could invite your mayors, who are not yet our  
to join Mayors for Peace.

▼Related information (PDF):

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to  
or change your contact information, please contact us at:
Mayors for Peace Secretariat
1-5 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0811 Japan
Tel: +81-82-242-7821 Fax: +81-82-242-7452
Email: mayorcon op pcf.city.hiroshima.jp.

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