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From: Pierre VILLARD (Le Mouvement de la Paix) <pierre.villard op mvtpaix.org>
Date: 2011/5/20
Subject: International Youth meeting for Peace Culture

     Dear pacifist friends

  *We would like to invite you to a beautiful event: The International
Meeting of Young for Peace Culture. *
This event is organized by Le Mouvement de la Paix, and co-sponsored by CND
(England) - VREDE (Belgium) - Fundacio per la Pau (Spain) - IPB
(Switzerland)- ZAR (Croatia). We have the support of United Nations with
International youth year.

  It will take place in France , Nièvre, near to Nevers in the towns of
Varennes-Vauzelles and Garchizy. We would like to gather  about 150 young
people of a the whole world. The meeting will consist in a forum made of
conference and workshop about three main theme: Emancipation of person and
peoples through peace culture;  Human and long term development; Young
involvement in pacifist cause.

* We aim to produce an appeal of young for peace culture and launched three
international campaign on each main theme. We'll work to build that during
the numerous workshop.*

  The Meeting will end by a festival: we'll organize art workshop, sport and
concert with local and international bands. We will organize a self managed
camp: we'll have to deal with organization of the camp and report the
summarize of the debates publishing the on our website:

  It will be a good experience and a beautiful moment for peace  
culture. *That's
why we invite you! Weed your opinion to make the debate richer in order to
develop peace culture!*
The fee is 400 euros for European participant and 300euros for the rest of
the world.

   Don't hesitate to consult our website for more information. Ask us if you
have any question!


   Cédric Desmarais, coordinator of International Meeting of Young for Peace
+(33) 6 68 53 51 07
*cedricdesmarais op hotmail.fr*

Pierre Villard
co-président of Le Mouvement de la Paix

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