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Do Feb 3 13:40:55 CET 2011

Dear all,

(And to those here in the Netherlands, my excuses that this is English in order to send it internationally, but I don't have time now to write everything again in Dutch, and assume that most people on the lists understand sufficient English.)

I finally succeeded to make mobile contact with an activist/journalist friend in Egypt!
She spoke from inside Tahrir Square, where she has spent most of the past few days!
Here are her main points:

- In spite of yesterday's violence, spirits remain extremely high, people are euforic!

- The main nucleous of many thousands of protesters 'is not going anywhere' until Mubarak steps down.
  Each day thousands more flock to Tahrir to reenforce the nuclear group and bring supplies.

- Egypt is already a different country and there is 'no turning back'.

- There is a strong feeling of freedom for the first time in their lives!

- A makeshift hospital was set up in Tahrir (since yesterday) and there is certainly no lack of volunteer doctors.
  (This was also reported yesterday by Al Jazeera)

- There is also a makeshift prison for the thugs & police provocators who were caught yesterday.
  (Yesterday Al Jazeera showed images of police ID cards taken from many of the provocators caught by the protestors)

- Everyone is unified and well organized, in spite of there being no leadership.
  For days, food, water and medicine are being brought in, both in an organized manner as well as spontaneously by people outside

- Tahrir square is being defended in a controlled and orderly manner with check-points to check all those coming in.
  The square was held in spite of the attacks yesterday, due to the orderly defense tactics and barricades set up.

- 'It would take nothing less than a war crime on the part of the government to remove the protestors!'


PS 1
For those who may not know:
The Arabic word Tahrir -the name of the main square in Cairo where the protestors are gathered- means Liberation!!

PS 2
Breaking news:
Shahira Amin, a senior, long-standing Nile TV (= Egyptian State TV) journalist, has defiantly resigned and joined the protest in Tahrir, declaring her support for the protestors and that she can no longer be part of the goverment propaganda machine and lies.
She is now speaking out (also of government intimidation against her) on Al Jazeer English. 		 	   		  

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