[Midden-Oosten] Israel troops board Gaza Flotilla boat Dignite-al Karama

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Di Jul 19 15:42:25 CEST 2011

Israel troops board Gaza Flotilla boat Dignite-al Karama
Press Release by Gaza Freedom Flotilla II
Athens, 19 july 2011, 1:30pm - This morning, the French flag ship 
"Dignité/Al Karama", carrying 16 passengers -among them the coordinator of 
the Greek Initiative Vangelis Pissias, and representing the international 
"Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human" - started to sail from outside Port 
Said of Egypt towards the Gaza Strip. The boat gave its last position when 
in international waters, approximately 50 miles away from Gaza coast. 
Since 11:00am, while surrounded by 4 Israeli naval ships according to its 
passengers, every communication has been interrupted. A little while ago, 
it was reported as confirmed that the vessel was seized.
Israel, once again, appears to play the role of the sheriff in the south-
eastern Mediterranean. The disregard of any notion of international law, 
the mobilization of any legal or illegal means to achieve its objectives -
to prevent any attempt of expressing practical international solidarity 
with Palestine- is a permanent well known tactic. The Greek government 
acted in such a pro-Israeli way that even Israel wouldn't expect, 
shamelessly accepting congratulations by the Israeli and US governments, 
while at the same moment Palestinians in Ramallah heavily disapproved of 
the Greek President -first time for a Greek politician.
We demand from the Greek government, of course not to condemn the illegal 
act of its Israeli friends, who once again intervened militarily and 
beyond any concept of international law, against unarmed citizens in the 
international waters of SE Mediterranean, but to do, at least, the minimum 
and fundamentally self-evident: intervene immediately in order to protect -
as required by the Constitution-the life and integrity of all on board and 
-above all- the Greek Vangelis Pissias.
The Greek society will provide the response to the latest Israeli 
provocative act. The Greek society who -unlike it's government- stands 
firmly and through time in solidarity to the Palestinian issue and the 
Palestinian people.
We call for a rally today at Syntagma, Tuesday 19th at 7:00pm

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