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A Guide to US Organizations
How to use this Guide

Please note: this is an archive!

The following suggestions can help you make the best use of this resource guide:

SPEAKERS. Contact organizations when you are looking for speakers for school classes or to participate in a conference or public forum.

MEDIA. Suggest to your local media that the work of organizations listed be covered in the local newspaper, its staff or volunteers hosted on local talk shows or on the cable television community access stations. Consider interviewing some of them yourself for an article in your church or community newsletter.

RESEARCH. Some organizations listed are resource networks and libraries themselves. Use them when you are doing research for a speech or sermon, a term paper or a foundation proposal.

VOLUNTEERING. Most organizations depend on volunteers for some of their work. Look for ones that match your skills or attract your energy.

DONATIONS. All these organizations need financial support. But you might also think about supporting a group by organizing a fund raising event. This will increase public awareness about the issues as well as providing needed funds.

INSPIRATION. Use the Guide as a source for organizing ideas to develop programs in your own community.

Suggestions for approaching organizations

Use the KEY WORD INDEX [not included in this web site, see gopher site] to help you find organizations working on specific issues or in specific geographic areas.
Many of the organizations now have web sites on the Internet's World Wide Web. If you have computer access to the Web, this is a good place to begin.
Before you write or call an organization, sit down and think out what kind of information you want. If you are calling to get more involved, make a list of what you want to offer, what you are interested in doing. This will help the staff and volunteers respond to your interest.
If you make good contact with a group, if people are helpful to you with information or ideas for action, send them a thank you note. You might also send a donation, if you can, but the thank you is a small but meaningful sign of support which activists and organizations need.

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