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A Guide to US Organizations

Please note: this is an archive!

The production of the Working for Peace in the Balkans has been an all-volunteer effort. Dorie Wilsnack was responsible for overall project implementation. Gajtana Simonowski and Irene Oria conducted research and letter writing to locate organizations.
Johanna Bjorken, Laurance Hovde, Ed Agro, and Jack Patterson contributed their time and energy. The greatest thanks goes to the busy individuals at the organizations included, who took the time, often at a moment's notice, to respond to our requests for literature, information and spelling corrections.

Working for Peace in the Balkans has received financial support from the Winston Foundation for World Peace and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and in-kind support from the New York Metropolitan Region of the American Friends Service Committee and the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly/USA.

Conflict Resolution Program
New York Metropolitan Regional Office
American Friends Service Committee
15 Rutherford Place
New York, New York 10003
Tel: 212-598-0967; Fax: 212-529-4603

Helsinki Citizens Assembly/USA
P.O. Box 2391
New York, New York 10185
Tel: 212-982-9561

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Lancaster House, Islington High Street
London N1 9LH, England
Tel: 44-171-713-7130
Fax: 44-171-713-7140

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