political analysis 08, November 2000

24-11 -00

Ladies and gentlemen, honorable audience,

The electionparty is not over yet. The winners are counting there benefits and the voters shrug their shoulders. But who are the winners? First there were the American elections. A happening that cost over $ 300 million (on publicity only), and ended with some kind of global confusion. The whole world was looking at it and there was no form of euphoria, anywhere. The game of democracy did not do a good service to democracy itself. An example of 'the winner takes all democracy, in which every side claims to be the winner. So who is the looser?
Less than 1/3 of the American people went to vote. While millions were spend to get people there, only a handful of votes will make the difference. Skeptics will find the question if such a little vote can't be fixed for a few million. It is known that those in the lead of this contemporary civilization only invest money in things that will bring back the money in the upcoming four years.
I was not thinking about low corruption but more about legal corruption. An example according to a source that needs to be unidentified: "In Bosnia operates a company under the name B&A. It is a daughter of a multinational company. It works exclusively for the American army and it has all it's facilities on the US military basis all over the world. Local employers do not get paid any health-insurance, no pension nor taxes are paid. The national financial police has no possibility to control this company because they have no access to the American military base. In the mean time the company uses enormous amounts of materials like building materials, sportfacilities, cars, medical equipment and so on. Materials paid by the American army, the ministry of defense, the pentagon. These materials may in no circumstance be the benefit of the local people. "Because of that a pile of buildingmaterial was recently burned in spite of several requests to use or buy the materials".
The case is that Dich Ceney, running mate of George Bush jr. and former minister of defense, is co-owner of this company.

There were also Bosnian elections. Most people spoke about the American elections, and specially the international institutes hammers the message into the people to take care of there own elections as well. In Bosnia many people they supported Gore because Bush said he was going to pull back troops from the Balkan. But is seems this statement is only aimed at the American audience and further has no real connection with Bosnia and besides that; how many promises during the elections ever came true?
More over it seems to be a hint from the Americans to the Western European to spend more on military budgets. But probably with this complication that America will set the conditions where these new toys should be bought, like happened in the Dayton agreements and in several agreements in the Mideast.
May you be reminded that also the Soviet Union was destroyed with a exhausting armsrace. The words might have been more unfriendly in those days, the result could be the same.

More detailed information about the Bosnian elections you'll find further on in this newsletter.

It seems a little that the current political elite is getting a little worried about the participation of the people. That Is not so strange if you know that many people know the politicians do not trust their own politics anymore, so the only option left for them is to follow the leader. Maybe an average person can not explain a lot about psychology, that does not mean that the average person does not feel what is going on.

Besides that, 'the winner takes all democracy' has more side effects. In Western Europe the inferiority complex is growing steady. What to do if you do not think you are capable to solve your own problems. You can only follow a leader, and with that the principals and attitude of that leader. It was maybe for this reason that the American elections were seen on Dutch television all day long, days and days in a row, with hosts wearing an American flag as badge. Let's hope the Dutch democracy does not end up in courthouse.

There were quite a lot of congratulations send too soon. They all wanted to insinuate themselves into the winners graces. Looks more like an attempt to lick ones ass, with excuses for the language used.
I do expect a conflict between conservative , nationalistic Europeans who wear a bleu badge with an unknown number of yellow stars and so-called realists who care about the American politics more than about their own. You can count on it that the 'left side' of these European will be called communists or fascists, even before such a conflict really shows itself to the world, so on such way fear and confusion can be enlarged. But what am I twaddling.

Personally I'm quite concerned about the developments In Europe which I do not support because of the bureaucratic and capitalistic and spiritual one-sidedness. I really do not like xenophobic nationalists but in the same time they would like to protect the language I also would not like to loose. I do not want to change out bad common politics for a stronger one who Is more arrogant as well.
I hereby declare myself prepared to cooperate with the extreme right, knowing that the Dutch nature is one of consensus, respect and tolerance, with the aim to break the power of the middle, to stop the winner takes all mentality. Besides that, can things become worse, in case one should cooperate with the extreme right? I can already read the articles which are very subtle, but based on racism , written by the co-called social, liberal or christian democrats. It sounds strange, maybe, but with those you can not cooperate in advance, it could be better to build a spirit of tolerance and a necessary cooperation, than with those who talk nice but in the mean time have no possibility at all to step aside the path of the winner, the leader and it's followers.
It is about time civilization learns to appreciate it's extremes.