General analysis 06, September 2000



The end had come for one of the biggest bamboozles of the past decades. While the people of Iraq did not succeed to get rid of their leader despite the Nato bombs (or did they come from the UN at that time?), the people of Yugoslavia succeeded in overthrowing the regime of Milosevic. And actually all credits are for the youngsters who were too innocent to accept the manipulated society. Let's hope that Nato and other leaders of the world do not try to take those credits and put them on their own chest because there is only one group that really made this happen, the people of Serbia.
On television I still saw many three fingered signs. I hope that the citizens of Serbia understand that there are still a lot of people in former Yugoslavia who associate this sign with the Serb fanatics who rumbled through the country like a bunch of Hooligans, as if the country was a football stadium. The pain that followed these happenings is still there.
I hear all the time that the 'president of Yugoslavia' had resigned. But I would like to do a small suggestion to the Serb who on their way have fought for their country; As result of the nationalism that rumbled through the Balkans, now you can say that Serbs live in Serbia, so not in Yugoslavia or rump Yugoslavia. In case the Serbs will call their country Serbia, there will be some kind of clarification on which the future can be build. The deformed term 'former Yugoslavia' could be done away with at once. Together with all the bad intentions of the past. Again, all praise to the youth of Serbia, that was still young and fresh, that was not too tired because of the struggle for live and above all that showed human, social and intelligent intentions .It would be a good gesture of this world to study the ideas of the young people and to give them more space. The slogan 'the youth has the future' has been put aside for too long anyway.
Do not expect Serbia to change as ones. You can see Milosevic as a director of a factory that stopped working because of all reasons imaginable. Even if the director disappears, the factory will need a long time to function well again.
I do not expect the same fresh air as when Tudjman died and Mesic took over the country, but it is the first time things are taking a better direction. Finally there is air, finally there is hope, finally there is a future with some perspectives. Give them space and time.
And what do the people of Bosnia say about this? Actually not much. Reactions like 'I do not give a shit about Milosevic', is quite often heard. The newspapers have articles that say now Bosnia first would like to see Yugoslavia to recognize Bosnia Herzegovina. A cool reaction, but quite understandable.
Milosevic would go to The Hague tribunal? I first have to see that happening before I can believe that.
And than, how to continue? A drink for the new hope and the good spirit and live will turn out to be not much different as before.

Greetings and take care