General analysis 05, August 2000


Dear ladies and gentleman

So why are we doing so great, than? Because we live in a better world since we experience it like that? No, unfortunately not. The great distraction that was organized in BiH last month does not change the world, although it is very nice when you can enjoy life, and this summer many people in Bosnia are succeding in this. I also hear that in Croatie thing are much better since the presure is gone, after a new president was elected in january. Of course the Serbians hope that Milosevic will not be able to smuggle enough the stay in the sadle. Who knows the Bosnian take this good summer in a strong vote for a change in the elections in November, when the country will be quite grey by then, and the first snow has fallen...
So why we had to tell a fib last month? You are all sincere people, isn't it?
Sometime it is said that the truth is transperant en one does not notice it, and the lie is untransperant and passes light nor view. There is a third state inwhich these states are mixed, and this is seen most. With one eye we look through the thruth, this view disappears forever in eternity, and with the other we can see not an inch through the lie; this view doesn't reach further, but stays on earth, with us; this is how we go sidewards through life.
Because of this reason the lie is, other than the ruth, not be understood imeadiately, but only in comparison with the lie.
We know this great summer, and the fine distraction we had will not change the world and only with our efforts we can keep up the good things. To build a little reserve against the lies and confusion that we will be confrontated with the upcomming month, can't do any harm.
So we are also glad because we told you a fib and didn't tell you a lie.
Honesty forces us to tell you that most of these beautiful words are taken from the Chazar dictionary of Milorad Pavic, a book I can really advice you to read because more humor, religion and dreams you can't find together anywhere.

We have many reasons to be happy. That's why we will continue straight away with the new newsletter. There are a few announcements that I would specially like to mantion to the Dutch readers. But Also others might like to know, ofcourse. There are newsreports although it seems to be komkommertijd. Krastavac time. There are some reports of cultural events that happened in august 2000. In case you would like to come and visit this country ones to get to know it a little better, mention the month of august in you agenda for next year. Besides activities as discribed here, POO will still have a guestroom, maybe even the best in town. POO also will have a privat guide waiting for you. His name is Lunjo. Maybe you already read some articles he wrote for us and his article about Hash and beer, wich is printed here as well, is extremely realistic and sensetive to the soul of this town.

This month was bizar. Six days the temperature was not below 40 degrees.

Still we whish you all the best.