Yugoslav analyze 03, June 1999.


Greetings to the summer. The sun is shining and everybody is screaming of happiness. The tourists because the sun is shining. The Dutch, whom I have seen very much lately, are happy because of the summer. It is a summer full of cultural violence and beautifull culture. The Kosovars because finally they will get independence and justice. The Nato because they apperantly succeeded to win a war from the air en pushed Milosevic on his knees with it. The Russians because they got a part of the cake (plus a financial support of several billions). The German, French, Italian, English, Dutch and Austrian politicians, who want to convert the victory in national profit as soon as possible. The Bosnians because with a war nearby there is no future for sure and now maybe there is a little.
The Dutch politicians are very glad the job is done and the ruling party started arguments the budget for militairy expanses could be raised. Only the Belgiums and maybe the Spanish were a little late with their domestic welfare and by now they are not thinking a second about Kosovo anymore. The Belgiums are just genetically unlucky and the Spanish already got a big piece of the cake in ealy stages (Westendorp, Solana, Trg Espana, etc.). Destiny was to fast for them. The Chineze are also not so happy but they really live on the other side of the planet, don't they?

Nato Intelligence In Bosnia the Muslims are laughing because the Serbians finaly got beaten up. In Bosnia the Serbs are angry but still they find themselves in a better position as others (for example Kosovars or Serbians in Serbia) and the Croatians just silently keep on working on seperation of BiH. (the longer it doesn't function the bigger chance to succeed). In Bosnia, that had only three and a half year before the humanitairian circus will move on the the next spot. Even Milosevic found reasons to cry victory although he will dance, as usual, in his private bunker. Nato will even tell us that he is dancing on his knees. And the supid part of the population is still walking along their leaders. Albert Einstain once said: there are only two things unlimited, the universe and the stupidity of human beings. But I do not think he was focussing only on the Serbians. As for the Serbians there is still the question who is better to believe: Milosevic or Nato?
My mother used to say: If two are fighting, two are to blame. So we also may look at the questions about who's better and who's good on a critical way, nevertheless the 'result' of the war. And than, I always hated the situation in which I had to choose between two bad and most probably many Serbians will choose Milosevic nor Nato. Only the western press thinks they can not easily explain this to their audience (maybe they even think we are really stupid and therefor they explain everything twice, three times, ten times in terms of absolutism. Seldom with reconsideration.)

USA stated 10 million on the head of Milosevic. Now it is supposed to be allowed, after the war (which never may had been called a war) was won. It seems to me humanity could have saved itself several billions. Besides that I do not think now is the moment to glorious present 'goldfinding' as a realistic option. In stead of a concious stimulation of reconstruction thinking and reconsideration thoughts the 'lucky shot' theory becomes the hero of the story. I guess by now we all know that humanity only survives with the stories that we are telling to ourselves.

But anyway. Despite the way the Nato action will enter into the historybooks; I was and I still am strongly opposed. However, if the government and the majority of the people wants this solution, and that was obviously the case, then they must also accept the concequences and help to solve these concequences.
We keep the finger on the pulse and we warn for too much optimism. As we said before, we do not have illusions anymore. We have fantasy, creativity, courage and counsiousness but no more illusions. We warn for optimisn that Milosevic will dissappear soon, we warn for Macedonia to explode, for Montenegro to be occupied and so on. Please to do be surprised if the circus moves on instead of ceases to exist.
please... Molim te Besides that I ask the people in western countries to help avoid that this victory will be tranformed in more dollars, tollars, guilders or euro's for 'defence systems', more power for hawks and militairies.
In the beginning of the Yugoslav tragedy we said: that is what happens if there is too much power at the militairies. Now western European countries could ask themselves the same question and I hold my breath.

Hitler entered Sudetenland in the name of humanitairian intervention, the Vietnamese eneterd Cambodja because of that reason and the mess in former Yugoslavia still has to be cleaned up.
In Bosnia the western world paid off their nasty taste by sending a big amount of humanitairian money. However, the economy is still not working and therefor this was not a solution for the Bosnians (besides the fact that the fighting parties are still in charge and collect mmost of the Huma-dollars). Now the humanitairian circus is moving on followed by many western goldfinders who can find jobs for 5 till 8.000 DM a month. I leave all conclusions to you.

I whish you a summer like we are experiencing it.