Yugoslav analyze 02, May 1999.


Greetings dear people,

What a world, don't you think so? So beautiful and so ugly, so natural and artificial, so intelligent and gullible. The storm of email messages lowered a little. A sign that people are having enough of this war? In the mean time Nato rumbles on through Yugoslavia. I'm more and more surprised Nato ever has been able to start up this fuck up (sorry for my language).

Of course we can not give a complete view of the situation in these short messages that we sent out monthly. In the previous European war thousands of history writers have done the best they could and still information comes out that has been secret for years. So we are not having any illusion. I'm preparing a new book so at least I can straight up my mind without denying reality. We are not making any illusions because we know we just have to continue working to maintain our 'humanitarian work'. We do not get donations because we already exist, because we can manage our own affairs, and because structural costs, the only costs we can not earn with our work, are not sponsored. The funds continue to launch new ideas, leaving behind the older, and often more experienced projects. How destructive doing well could turn out to be...

In the mean time I hope you have also made the conclusion the 'Kosovo Crisis' actually is more like a world war. I mean like this; You can see it live on TV in all parts of the world, all leaders in the world have made their statements about it, a Finnish man is doing the communications, the Chinese are kept on distance with precision bombs, the Russians may play the role of superpower, cooperators of humanitarian organizations in Africa are send to Macedonia and Albania, etceteras etceteras. By the way, these cooperators of international humanitarian organizations mentioned that compared with regufeecenters in Africa the camps in Macedonia and Albania are 3 star hotels. The fact that these refugees are white people for sure will have made a bigger impact to the average television viewer as the black refugees they got used to in the last decades. Do I see a sign of racism over here?
I've said it before; war is not always violence, war is confusion in which violence can happen quite easy and without punishment. And the complete world is a little confused at the moment.
I was on the Hague Appeal for Peace (find here) en the pressure on the organization to say something about the Kosovo was so big that they really burned their fingers on it. I was on several meetings about Kosovo, actually more to relief my boss who got overwhelmed with quite denigrating questions like "Why didn't you warn us?", "What is your solution?" and "So you do want to talk with Milosevic?" (As if anything was ask him before the bombs fell down), I Just tried to stick to the subject. I said: "We, over here, in this bar, in this town, this country recognize a problem we can do no more than find a solution that brings an improvement here in this bar, in this town." It makes no sense to try to find a solution for Kosovo with several people of that neighborhood knowing that even the prime minister (later more about him as well) is not listened to.
I do not want to be a priest of doom and all those who think I am make a terrible mistake. I'm still not making any illusions. Yugoslavia is simply destroyed. Bridges, schools, monasteries, prisons and offices are targeted as strategic objects and, if possible, wasted. At first Milosevic and his Cetniks were animals, than it were all Serbians, now it complete Yugoslavia (with at least 15 nationalities) is a pariah. I've heard this kind of confusion of tongues before in Bosnia.
The Dayton Agreement, by now as dead as a stone, still could be a set up plan for Kosovo, while it created a country that is far more artificial as Tito's Yugoslavia, a country that was destroyed by economical measures and 'democratically stimulation' to the different republics. (That's why all nationalistic parties have the word 'democratic' in their name.) So maybe this Dayton agreement set up for Kosovo should be reconsidered.
watch the text above the doorOnce I wrote that it would be very easy for others to undermine the European unity. The fact it happened so fast still surprised me. So, some Europeans say, now we must keep our unity up as strong as possible. Partly I agree but if it means we must continue with this incredible and illegal war, based on false arguments, lies and propaganda, I prefer to forget unity and just make sure we stand for peace. Maybe you might think I overdo a little but now I ask you: Why do you not find articles in the media from Desmond Tutu, Michael Gorbatsjov, Naom Chomsky, Jesse Jackson, Georgy Konrad, Martin S. Past (just a joke) and so on. The international media is full of ex advisors of ex American presidents and that kind of types. If a statement of these first mentioned persons got published it is just overwhelmed by the quantity of the others. The media like football, housing cooperation, electricity supply, public transport, food distribution and healthcare: they are privatized and that means only one thing; make profit. The media have the task to stimulate and protect the free marked economy. Maybe we should create a quota of how much money can exist on this planet. The idea a person should not be able to have more than 10 million was also scornful received. Maybe the weapon industry should become nonprofit.

In the mean time the Yugoslav tribunal finally accused Milosevic. That took more than seven years (8 is the number of endless) and we may wonder if all proves that are collected are given to the tribunal. Also we hope that finally all bank savings of Milosevic are confiscated so he can not afford himself a layer that can prolong the procedures endlessly. Why haven't they confiscated his banksavings until now? Maybe it is an idea to make an obligation that dictators must give their money to a national fund to rebuild the country. I mean we are creating a lot of precedents and there should be positive ones with it as well.
Does this all means we now can go and arrest Karadzic, since he is no longer a threat for the fragile Bosnian peace?

Let's be honest. Like a politician said at the Hague Appeal for peace; how can you stop the Nato? In other words, the militaries make the decisions, the politicians are used to explain everything to the people, which the are trying to do at their best. The new world order could be as we always hope it was not going to be. Science Fiction is no longer future. The war has started and we can never reverse that. With Milosevic officially being accused and the groundforces ready to move in (with the UCK as cannon-fodder) peace is far away from home.

The only this we still can do is to fool the politicians. In Holland there will first be elections for the European parliament within a week or two and than in September there will be national elections. At those elections we must make the difference and we must not show our intentions during these European elections. The politicians will think all goes well. Than after, at the national elections, when we are prepared much better, we all should vote unexpectedly for parties that do not want to have a temporary halt in the bombingcampain, but who want to end the war immediately, who want to step out of Nato at once and, if possible, who want to step out of the sinkable ship called European Union. That will surprise most politicians and they will chance because of that.

Dear people, I assume you are active and peaceful minded people, otherwise you wouldn't found this newsletter. Prepare yourself, find supporters, enlarge yourself and confront the politicians with it by sending them home. Do it on such way that it will appear in the history book. That is an Appeal for Peace. It will give us all time to think and reconsider where do we want to go with this world we live in.

I whish you peace and happiness.