Politics in November 1998

*When Ejup Ganic doesn't sign agreenents…

Judging from the last announcements from OHR, roses in Bosnian Federation could stop blooming, although that didn't happen so far, anyway… Ejup Ganic refused to sign a document about special relations between the Federation and Croatia
Because, as he said, he wasn't satisfied with its contents, which he, by the way, already paraphrased.
Direction from SDA top? Yes, probably. And in order to justify such an act to Bosnian public, who will suffer new sanctions, good old phrases about foreigners trying to destroy our multinationality, multiculturality etc are being mentioned. As if we're uncapable of destroying it ourselves. The argument, better or worse then previous ones, is just another step in implementing Dayton agreement which has precised the relations between Federation and Croatia.
Agreements on special relations between Federation and Croatia an port Ploce and transit through Neum are the basics of that contract. The contract that Bosnian top is not so eager to sign. Because, as Ganic says " It is not shooting from Trebevic, so we don't have to rush into signing." Maybe not to them, but it is clear to everyone else that credibility of the Federation is falling down daily and it is clear that Serbs and Croats have no reason to believe in promises about security guaranteed in Federation territory…Of course, nobody wants to guarantee that with signatures. And finally, it is clear that the Federation will get serious economic sanctions unless it is signed what should be signed.
Croatia, on the other hand, has no such problems. Or to be more precise, has no problem at all. Their support of entire agreement gets amazing reaction in international community. It reminds me of situation couple years ago. During the war, Izetbegovic was standing for an idea of multi this-and-that BiH, instead on signing all documents that treated it as such…and all this because he knew that Karad`Ic wouldn't accept any of it-Karad`Ic will look like a bad guy, and Izetbegovic a holy peacemaker.
Even if he wouldn't agree with anything proposed-it doesn't matter, Karad`Ic would be the first to say no. And when he is actually in a position to sign something, we get sanction threats.
It is the same now. Croatia is equally against the agreement, but doesn't have to show it-the first is not expected from them. True, maybe it is a bad agreement, but is there any point in talking about it now, almost three years after the federal politicians agreed with it (and did not mind anything then, and there was nothing bad about it then).
Jacques Klein, high representatives deputy, announced the signing of the agreement due to the end of this month. If that is really going to happen, depends on SDA and someone's good will.
Untill then, waiting

*When Srebrov sets the national flag on fire
Who? Vladimir Srebrov! Profession? University professor and representative of Political club of independent! Did what? Set the state and federal flag on fire! Where? In Sarajevo, in front of the fascist victim monument. When? On November 9, on the international day of fighting against fascism!
This is a resume.
Srebrov did what he did, and what he meant to do. As probably would do most of others capable of rational thinking. And reasons, or more precisely, the reason for that?
Carlos Westendorp, no more or less.
Srebrov described his act as a personal citizens disobedience, explaining that the flag is a symbol of OHR and he European Community, and not BIH. Burning the flag is his protest against the colonizing approach of International Community towards this country. The thing too obvious at moments, but nobody wants to talk about it (or they are payed not to). And after that, everything began to look like a circus in which Srebrov's wish for political affirmation blacked out all the positive things in his political act.
We can not avoid the Sarajevo cantonal court in this story. Same as they madly prosecuted people for insulting the previous flag, the same will be with this one. Srebrov has been promised up to a year in prisonment for "ridiculing the state symbols". Mostly everyone is agreed on that. Even those who get the credit for the fact that Westendorp was forced to make a decision about the new flag. And about new currency, passport, car plates…Obviously the truth is that Westendorp made the decisions because he was unable to cooperate with local "rulers", and there was no other way at the moment. Still, the fact itself is not enough to erase the bitterness we all feel. Limiting our own freedom for the one created for us according to standards of mother Europe.
Burn, baby, burn.
Untill the next flag.

*When Izetbegovic slanders opposition
Izetbegovic almost went to court.
Because of slander and lies he is still accused of.
Tokic Sejfudin, president of BH social democrats, charged Izetbegovic for many untruths said about his party, during last few months.
Court session was arranged, but Izetbegovic didn't appear. No, because he used his immunity.
Amoral and perversed act of the man that, for the last couple of years, has been trying to expose himself as the greatest truth-lover and supporter of the term "legal state".
Together with colleague Slobodan Milosevic and colleague Franjo Tudjman, of course.
Does it mean that Izetbegovic and those like him, can insult, lie, steal and kill with no legal responsibility.
It seems they can.
They have the "representative immunity". About the truth and legal state, some other time.
And the charge?
It will probably remain to wait for better and more "democratic" days.

*When Seselj goes where he shouldn't…
Duke Seselj Vojislav got nostalgic for BiH so he decided to pay a visit. More precisely, Seselj decided to visit Banja Luka last weekend, and be a part of the reception made for his party colleague Poplasen, who was elected president of RS. And everything would be alright if everyone liked Seselj as much as Poplasen does.
Or, at least, that Jacques Klein likes him.
But, what do you know, he doesn't have much sympathies for him. None, to be more exact.
Seselj's appearance in Banja Luka wasn't pleasing for Jacques Klein.
On the night of the reception at the hotel, SFOR company dropped in and in a calm and dignified manner delivered Klein's letter to Seselj, telling him to get out of Bosnia.
The Duke did so, probably following the voices of his tolerant mind. SFOR made sure that he is not bored on his way back home. They escorted him to the state border.
Seselj was officially proclaimed person non grata in BiH.
Two days later, Seselj speaks in Serbian media. He explains how is going to solve "unprovoked injustice that happened to him". He will give 10 000 baseball bats to his followers and off to Bosnia with them, to defend Serbs. So it is to be seen if SFOR will be able to shoot at 10 000 Serbs armed "only" with baseball bats.
In his own words. Not more or less.
No comment from me. It's useless…

*When mandators of the RS government are being elected…
Nikola Poplasen, the new president of Republika Srpska, proposed Dragan Kalinic for mandator of RS government. Not surprising, having in mind his political views.
OSCE, high representative and the Americans have already signified imposing of economic sanctions to RS, in case that Kalinic is elected. Not surprising, having in mind their political views.
And in between, perversions.
Like this one, for example.
Poplasen offered three minister chairs to the BiH Coalition, to make them vote for Kalinic.Coalition SLOGA offered nothing but they're still hoping that Kalinic won't have enough support.
Just as the Internationals are .
If the Coalition representatives support Kalinic any way, it will be completely bizarre. Several months ago, they became partners with PlavsIc, so they closed their eyes on her kissing with Arkan in Bijeljina, while he was still killing those that Coalition is suppose to represent. And now, for three minister seats, they will close eyes for who knows what else. Nothing strange. And nothing new.
Who knows what other stupidity will be created untill the moment Kalinic makes proposals for making of a new government, if he gets that mandatorial honor.

*When pre-election promises are believed in…
Day by day, it is more certain that Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a new center of social riots.
Does anyone remember the promise made before the elections?
Go few months back. BiH seemed like a heaven on Earth.
Come back to reality. Welcome to nightmare.
There are more and more news about protests and demonstrations in newspapers every day. Invalids, unemployed, homeless, refugees…the list is endless.
Izetbegovic was talking about the spectacular starting of the production in Zenica iron factory during the summer. And all this in cooperation with the Kuwait company KIA. Bitterness that Zenica people are using when they talk about this today, clearly says that somebody lied.
There are more suicides every day. Mostly for the same reasons.
Looks like that is becoming the most certain way of solving problems of life. A flight to carelessness.
When you believe in pre-election promises…