De politieke gebeurtenissen in oktober 1998

*Circle on Bosnian political top

Presidental BH circle, which was mentioned in the last newsletter, has just started. It should last four years and after every eight months, one of the three elected members will take the place of the president. Candidate and representative of Serb entity, Zivko Radisic, I think from coalition SLOGA, has the honour to be the first in that circle.
That moment (historical for BH future, according to some of local media) happened few days ago. Three members of presidency, Izetbegovic, Jelavic & Radisic, have obliged to give their lives if necessary, so it is better for us, and they will do their duties with greatest devotion, and... blahblahblah
And then speeches - Dayton peace agreement, industrial progress, human dignity...
Jacques Klein spoke after them, congratulated for they have learned their speeches well and said that he hoped that oath would mean better future for those who voted on the elections.
And we just hope there would not be another war.

* Attacked returnees in Herzegovina

Reports about attacks on Serb returnees (it seems that prefix Serb,Croatian or Bosnian became very important in this Bosnian game) weren't even finished, when it happened again...
Bosnian returnees' attempt to come back to Tasovcici (settlement near Capljina - Herzegovina), place where they had lived before the war, ended with this score-one man was killed and few were injured. Incident (or is this more than just incident?) happened when an "unknown person" from an "unknown car" dropped bombs on returnees who were repairing their houses. The next day local population continued to provoke them verbaly, just to show that bombs weren't unpremeditated. Verbal provocations had tendencies to become a prolongation of the bomb party,but they did not. "Just few houses burning" and that is the end. For now. Minister of domestic affairs in Herzegovina-Neretva canton, Valentin Coric, one of the members of CRO political elite, has resigned. He did not say if it was to release from responsibilities or for the things he had done.
And returnees? Those bravest who stayed in Tasovcici are now in two houses protected by SFOR. I guess it is the Dayton freedom of movement that all are speaking about. 1998 should be the year of return. I wonder if this bloody return has any sense? Or the problem is somewhere else?

*Another split in SDS?

A place for "radical" moment.
According to news from "neighbouring" entity, Serb Democratic Party is about to have one more party criris. To be more precise, it seems like they will loose more members.The main problem for SDS is mandator of new RS government and two streams in SDS. The first is radical and the other is less radical.
The problem appeared when the radical stream wanted Momcilo Krajisnik to be the new mandator. Having in mind the way of his political acting, the consequences of that choice would not be bad just for SDS, but for whole Republika Srpska. People who think same as Krajisnik find that it is only a matter of time when he will be elected, and there are no problems.
But, of course, it isn't that good, as I said before, because of those "less radical" stream.
As they are aware what is going to happen if Krajisnik becomes new mandator, they refuse to follow SDS ideology,and stress possibility of forming a new party. The base of that party would be Aleksa Buha, a new candidate for mandator. Their recent meeting of Carlos Westendorp, and his supporting of their political decission, shows that forming of this new party is becoming more certain. International Community would support this act - it would make cooperation and cleaning the ruling structures more easier. And maybe the most important reason for forming a new party is to break the rule of SDS, which would become just a minor political party instead of the second party in B&H.
Who knows?
Things are more than relative. Few days after I wrote this text, some interesting things happened. To be precise, Radical Party & Coalition for King and Homeland joined Coalition SLOGA,and now they have majority they needed for making the new RS government. On a press conference, which happened few days later, Biljana Plavsic said that Milorad Dodik ,who has been holding this place by now, is probably going to be the new mandator (this means sure), and the government will be made of members of Coalition SLOGA.
We`ll see...

* Few words about Izetbegovic

Izetbegovic has just won the elections and there are already some rumors about his leaving active political life. Actually, there were some rumore untill his party, SDA did attack media who had that information. They said there is no reason for that decission and it is only a media speculation. Or it is just annoncement for public?
Izetbegovic did candidate this year although he said that 1997 candidateship was the last. The fact is that SDA would have stayed without serious candidate who could compete opposing party SDP, if Izetbegovic had not candidate. This way they used him to ensure the revictory. They just decided to go for a sure option. If there is any truth in those rumors,Silajdzic is Izetbegovic's potential succedor. It is on Izetbegovic, or his party, or Carlos Westendorp, who is allways ready to help Bosnian tribes, to decide how long will he last as a political subject.
Two Sarajevo magazines published material which connects the ruling party and it's members with brutal crimes that happened in Sarajevo during the war. Helsinki Committee requested their attitude about this. Still, attack is the best defence, and Izetbegovic knows that well.. Few days later, on SDA press conference, he attacked that media and journalists and NGOs...everybody who doubts in sovereignity of this country.
"There are honest women and there are prostitutes. And there are honest journalists and prostitutes" this was just one of the things he said to answer the accusations. In more normal and civilised world someone would loose his ruling place. His relation to women is also symphtomatic. It is obvious he doesn't need their votes anymore. Eletions are over and so is his pleading for women rights. He can treat them as his basic instincts lead him. Still it is unallowable for someone who has function as his.
A lot of things are symphtomatic for him....

* 250 000 human war mistakes

Decisions which are being made by International Community, concerning new school books, are shocking to Bosnian public. For example, the obvious one, aside from all other advised things, it has been recommended, meaning ordered, to use the phrase "war mistake" instead "war crime".
War mistake?
Yes, mistakes that caused deaths of 250 000 people are really interesting. Are the raped women and killed children also a part of that mistake? No, the international officials have not answered that. They only said that the information is not true or better yet, it is not interpreted well.
If they really think this war was a mistake, then there is no reason for the court in the Hague. They could send all sinners from Hague to churches to confess and get forgiveness, and the problem will be solved. And to comfort their victims, they can build psychiatric clinics, homes for orphans, or even a few houses.
If that's the way things are.

Kosovo : Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although Kosovo is maybe geographicaly far, consequences of war which happens there (or it is over), can be felt in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is not only because of more than 10000 refugees who found their temporary rescue in B&H. The number of things which got more complicated along with situation on Kosovo is much bigger. For example,safety of foreign citizens.
International Community thought about the possibility that some of foreign citizens could be hostages during NATO bombing on Kosovo (as it happened during bombing Bosnian Serbs). Embasies gave warnings to their citizens to leave Republika Srpska.We don't know is it really so or it is only precautionary, but panic was simillar to things which happened in SR Yugoslavia.
Carlos Westendorp wrote a letter to Slobodan Milosevic and warned him to keep Seselj away from Bosnia. It is probably because Seselj didn't deny possibility of revenge. He even said that if his pawl Poplasen is president of RS, things should change (radical?).
Few sources had the information that some of the targets in RS are mentioned to be goals for bombing (because of their importancy and connections with information system of Yugoslav Army). I am not sure, but someone said that there were some protests against NATO military acting in Banjaluka.
With ending this bombing danger tensions decreased. There is only few information about Kosovo, some statictics about number of injured or news about Milosevic's new laws about “support of public informing”.
And nobody speaks about return/care of those more than 10.000 people from Kosovo who are now in Bosnia.

Protests, demonstrations and strikes

The government put them all in a same place, no bad thoughts involved, probably.
Bosnian miners were on strike again. Because they didn't get pays, of course, what else. It seems that it has become the usual and probably the only way to get their money - stop the production, go out on the street, if possible come to Sarajevo... And a couple of days later, the debts are settled. And that continues, month after month, till who knows when.
Also, members of JOB (United War Veterans Organization) from Zenica, have demonstrated again. At the meeting called " We're Still Alive ", they have, once again, decided to point to problems they are having in everyday life. I am not sure if anyone had heard them out. Probably not. Or maybe, it is all about the fact that the veterans are regularly going out on the street to share their happiness with others, after promises they keep getting from the government. It is interesting how they were accused by Zenica authorities of provoking social riots. Who is crazy here ?
And those who are not on the streets yet, but probably will be soon, are the citizens who will soon be effected by realization of the Sarajevo return declaration. The process of return, which is the least of all based on reciprocity and mutual freedom for return, will be anything but logical and realistic. The process of return ( going on in Federation ), is absurd and bizarre. Literally interpreted law orders to expell citizens whose homes have been destroyed and citizens who are expelled from RS from their new homes in order to give space to returnees who come back from western Europe. The problem is not that they have to leave apartments or that somebody is coming back, but the problem thatb in the future there is no place to go but on the street. There are no other options for them at the moment. A possible option for the International Community - forcing RS to accept the expelled / accepting the process of return is still not realized and the question is when it will be. Authorities in RS don't want that at the moment. International Community can, but will it and when, that's another question. Till then - social disorders. On the streets ?