Political happenings July 1998

*BH elections 1998, September 1998

This year`s run for authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina is getting more and more rush off. Elections are more closer to us, and, so it means the activities of bosnian politicians are getting more and more intensive. New lists of candidates for new BH presidency are made, new coalitions also, new names of old partys are echoing in the media, and walls are faced with trash politican posters.
A question, what to choose inbetween of those two things - not to vote or to vote for those who will betray us after few mounts, we are asking ourselves.
Yeah, a question!
More in the upcomming month. Although we will be all together in Holland on the Forbidden Fruits Festival, we will keep some
spies for us over here and we will be able to report you.

*Establishment of New Croatian political party

At the ruins of HDZ BiH Kresimir Zubak + some more of their ex members formed a new Croat polical party in Bosnia, called "New croatian initiative". After discord in their previous party, about politic and ideologic orientation of it, this so-called "HDZ dissidents" decided to form a new party, with a constitution witch is completly similar to all Dayton and european politic standards. Pleading for ecomomic reconstruction/prosperity, demilitarisation of Balkan region, making the citizen conscience stronger… have we heard it 1000 times before, and have we been faked in most of that situations???

*Sarajevo & Banjaluka - no money for reconstruction

Banjaluka will maybe soon, but Sarajevo has definitly stayed without a money for reconstruction of city infrastructure. This is the effect of the last sanctions for Sarajevo`s city government from International community. To be more clear, we got the sanctions because of those who still think that they are the government, because of those who are doing their best to stop the process of returnig refugees, and because of them we will have to stay without 5 milions $$$ of Americans and 29 milions DM of European Community. It`s useless to repeat that Sarajevo`s government did nothing for returning or refugees of other nationalitys (Serbs, Croats, Jews…) like they have promised. And it seems like they do not have intention to do that in the future. And it`s obvious that the number of 3000 returned refugees is nothing more but a pure lie.
But what will make us happy? Same sanctions for Banja Luka, because of same reasons - as probably our government is thinking.

*Tuzla - new Bosnian "open city"

Some of them are closing ther cities, some of them are not. During the last week, Tuzla got the title of open city from UNHCR. This decesion is some kind of reward for political orientation of Tuzla`s gouvernment in last two years. Yeah, for Tuzla`s gouvernment, far away of center of power called Sarajevo, away of catastrophic politic decisions of "that" center, and, of course, away of dictatorship of SDA.
As I said, this decision of UNHCR is reward for Tuzlans politicians, and their politics. One of the most importaint thing for them was to return old citizens to their homes, and that is the thing what the international community prize the most. And after this, Tuzla will get everything what Sarajevo and Banjaluka will not - economic, materials and all other ways of help from International community.

*Srebrenica - 3 years later

Middle of July of 1998 is 3rd year after the bloody Srebrenica tragedy. Until now any kind of truth about happenings in that city, in that mount, and in that days, 1995, was not spoken. And it`s not clear will there be any truth about it in a future. No one from Bosnian government has ever took even a part of responsibillity for things that have happened to that city and to that people. Srebrenica victims are still exhumating, and those ones who survived announce protests & demonstrations on the day of tragedy. But, there was no protests and demostrations, as it was said, and there was no even a politicians who would be interested to listen this people and their problems. It was weekend, so politicians went to a seaside. I was wondering will there be any kind of police action on demonstrators, like last year was, but nothin` happened, and I got no answer.

*New Bosnian currency finaly in use

Bosnia and Herzegovina finaly has it`s own currency! Currency that has validity on whole Bosnian teritory.
Konvertibilna Marka (KM) become the currency which is used in all Bosnian parts. Yeah, that is ok, but the fact that is not is the fact about the thing called "Bosnian buisness".
Few days before the official end of using previous currency "dinar", most of shops/banks stop to receive/change old money, with an excuse that there is a very lot of falsify paper money. And they refuse to receive paper money of highest worth. Old money become unvalid, and most of us, naïve people, stayed with tons of worthless papers in pockets. Media sensation for one day went away, we can`t change new money for the old one and dissatisfaction stayed. Who is guilty?

*BH oposition, NATO, SDA…

Bosnian oposition forces visited some time ago headquoter of NATO forces, in connection with upcoming elections, in connection with their support for the elections, and in connection with the (un)democratic situation in B&H.
And when they return to Sarajevo, Alija Izetbegovic, start to complaine about that, on very very undemocratic and primitive way. Not only to complained about the Bosnian opposition forces, about the fact that they are asking for support in the Western world but also about the whole International community here. "What do they have with our local politics?".He also gave loads of imputations to the opposition and to strangers on press meeting of his basic party SDA.
It`s less to say that "strangers" were just suprised.
OSCE and OHR answer at Alija`s charges.
And, it seems that he will have a lot of problems, if he continues to work on this way. Probably he`ll put himself off the elections list, because of his stupidity, and not because of opposition or whatever.

*Herzegovina - from glorify `till barbarity

In southern parts of "New Croatian empire" - Hercegovina, some new disorders happened. Traditional phrase "bread &games" got a new form there - "bread, games, weapons & disorder". After papa Tudjman`s football players win German team, happy fans went to celebrate. And on what way. One girl, who was sitting in restaurant on a eastern part of Mostar was killed by a shooting, and one elderly man got a heavy injures. In this world, when you are celebrating & shooting, it`s normal to shoot in the air, but in Mostar, when you are celebrating & shooting, it`s normal to shoot at the "other side".
A group of 200 barbarians in Stolac (Herzegovina, also), so called football fans, decided to make fun with Bosnians (returned refugees), they burned/destroyed some of their houses. Yeah, very funny.
Of course, no one of Croatian politicans react on this happenings.
And than, a few days later, on the day when there was match between of Croatia and France, there was "siege situation" in Mostar. Guns were waiting their chance to break the silence of the night. There was no that kind of tensions in Mostar even from the time of Bosnian - Croat fightings in 1993. By a luck, papa Tudjman & his players loose the match so Herzegovian "fans" had no reason celebrate. If they had, who knows what would have happened to Mostar that night.