Low vision - donation project
[with a POO help], part two

POO also worked on the last details of the donation transport of last month. The materials for the Blind school had to be taken from the custom depot in Srebrenik and brought to Sarajevo. After all papers were in order a truck was rented and the materials were picked up. It seems to be a small thing but all together it cost 4 days. We publish a small article about the materials donated by Blind help International
Until 30 years ago only blindness was considered a visual handicap. Bad eye sighted were being considered half-blind or almost blind. Central in the thinking about visual handicaps was 'not seeing'. During the seventies man started to make a difference between blindness and bad eye sighted. The motive for that was the introduction of optical and other technical aids that made possible for bad eye sighted persons to optimize the eyesight. Since that the people with bad eyesight in rich countries no longer depend on techniques for the blind such as braille. Internationally this became known under the name 'Low Vision'.
The Low Vision approach requires research, advise and training. During the research the optometrist focus on diagnose of the sharpness of vision, the need for enlarging, perception of contrast and depth and the size and quality of the filed of vision. for an optimum visual perception also the distance towards the object, the light of the surrounding and contrast circumstances are of great importance. If possible the optometrist will advice one or more aids, for example a magnifiers spectacles, a television magnifier or a hand magnifier. It is proven that without good instructions about these aid materials are not much effective. So instructions are needed, but also training in (different) looking, reading and writing. In Holland these training's are given by Low Vision Trainers or independence therapists.
Besides that it is important to pay attention to the ergonomic aspects op seeing, looking and reading. Specially the way people sit and the light they use require some changes. In case there is a progressive progress of the troubles with the eye it is important for everyone who has a bad eyesight that there will be regular tests so aid materials and training in the use of these aid materials can be adjusted.