Flumarket - a barometer of life

Or Sarajevo, as it really is.
I decided to use one of the last sunny days of October for cycling. Up and down the city and further. Few hours later, I stopped at Marijindvor. Or, to be more exact, at the market place. I've never been there before. Driving around, I knew there were some people there, selling something. I'm going in.
There are all kinds of people. Judging by there names and accents, they're from everywhere. Misery does not ask for names or nationalities. It just takes. This is best seen on the faces of these people. Some of them could be young, but sure don't look that way. From dusk till dawn - they are here. In mud and cold, fulfilling their " carma " daily. They are just few meters away from the Parliament building. Contrast is obvious, sometimes unbelievable. Shiny cars, marble and gold on one side...and on the other ? Misery. One word and no offence. If you ever come to Sarajevo, go there. You can buy 7 books ( Krleza, Tisma, Calvino, Andric...) and 3 Alan Fords for 20 DM, as I did yesterday. Automobile parts, broken watches, LP records that survived the war (Crvena jabuka for 1 DM, the same one that a person from Canada would give gold for...)
Come. Meet Sarajevo as it really is. Don't let rich, decorated store-windows, smiling people or "attractive architecture" fool you. Meet the truth, painful maybe, but quite cheap.
It is there, around us.