Troitsa International; mainly Why and a little bit How and When.

P.O.O is supporter of the third path. A path without signs. The third path is called the gray path by people who are able to use only on path. The third path is not an option that 'can or can not be used'. The third path shines lights on previous possibilities thought of and therefor opens doors to much more possibilities.

An example;
The P.O.O. send information to the Dutch peacemovement and to individuals from that movement in particular.
Besides that P.O.O works on cultural exchange programs to enlarge the common trust and pleasure.

This is binomial, schizophrenic, dualistic of whatever the perception of the reader is.
P.O.O. activities are is mainly pointed at the Netherlands and Bosnia Herzegovina.
For those who are less creative in living through reality, the Belgium are immediately excluded. And the Albanians.
It is for this reason that the P.O.O. like to use the third path.
You can try to explain how complicated your thoughts are, there is nothing wrong with that. You can also try to explain something so other can understand it, there is also nothing wrong with that. The difference in perception, the way of looking to things, may not be a reason to judge or prejudge. And we don't wanne tell you things you can not (or do not want to) understand.

The experience of a country, Bosnia Herzegovina, or whatever country you had in mind, can not happen only to political based arguments. More possibly, it can't happen according such arguments at all. Some examples: Boycott Shell can be OK, but not because that is good for South Africa that needs to get rid of it's apartheid. Or; Saddam Hussein has to stay, but not because it is good for the stability of the region, or; All war criminals in former Yugoslavia should be arrested is good, but not because that we are rid of all the bastards, or Germany is OK, but not because there is a lot of money.

With this I try to say the following: Al these examples and arguments have nothing, seriously nothing to do with the experience of a country a area or a culture.

Millions of people visited Bosnia Herzegovina, and former Yugoslavia, before the war. And hundredthousands came since the war started, off course because of different reasons. In case we don't want to judge about the one or the other, there are two things we can do. Or we find a way to trace the common interests of these two groups or we look to the other side and do not think about this kind of questions.
According to my experience it is possible that both options happen in the same time, without judgments have passed. Suppose I'm still interested in a explanation towards the given facts, so I can understand myself a little better and I will have the idea that I made progress in understanding the world in which I live, I can do nothing else that look for it all my life.
The third path offers possibilities that ignore the problem and give the answer in the same time.
Because of that the third path is so interesting.
Besides that it doesn't ask all the time of my life but it offers it.

While prejudices confirm themselves again and again, the P.O.O., in cooperation with the 6th Column foundation, organizes a serial of folkconcerts in former Yugoslavia. With this work, every prejudices about P.O.O. will be damaged. Those who will think about this, without being present at the particular event, will be thrown around between black and white, or nailed to one of those fields. Those who will be present at the event, even if they are not aware of the activity, and even existence of the P.O.O., will never be caught up by one or the other because they have already experienced the space in-between.

To make things more clear: Space is life and only live it self brings happiness.