State of mind, the mind of state.

Dear people

We were just having a brainstorm about turning things up side down. I predicted a lot of chaos with the 'single' European currency. And chaos is already there without that we have ever seen these coins. The world up side down, maybe not so bad since order is so chaotic. By the way, the currency is not so single, if you do not rush fast enough into succesfull kapitalism you're not in it. You're singled out.

I said to my friend, an older man and father of a few young friends of mine, when he was complaining he didn't get anything from the house he build where now Gligoriev is housing diplomats, and he didn't get anything from the dikes he made in Zagreb so they never had any flood anymore, that to do an intensive course in capitalism, as has to happen over here, nuances of capitalism are lost.
So I told him he is a nuance. He said: 'Maybe I'm just a number'. I told him that is all ends up the same but I tried to say things more friendly.

I was reading Harald Tribune. I know that is not a great thing to do. Not only because of the very one sided form of journalism but also because I do not learn better Bosnian, avoiding Bosnian newspapers while reading an English one.
Now the newspaper is pretty bad because they give all this space to very state and system protectionistic kind of information, lacking to give any alternative surtenly when it is needed the most. Besides that I concider the paper as very American and therefor, since I know only recently, as rassistic as all other white peoples papers.
Today I found two articles. At first there was an article of an American 'carreer diplomate' telling 5 reasons to face a hard mission in Kosovo. Not a bad article. Reason number one is good: accept as probable that any association with Yugoslavs, weather begun voluntarily of involtarily, will be more or less permanent. At least that is a statement with some thruth in it.
Second article from two European people working for the worldbank, trying to find a permanent solution for the economical situation on the Balkans. The article is actualy completely empty.

The good thing abut reading these articles was the fact that my prejudgements were proven wrong. I always like that. Shows me that I'm still a critical person but also open enough to admit mistakes I have made. The result of my feelings is that I (think I) learned to know reality a bit better. The bad thing was that although I've seen Americans looking at European problems very one sided (one ex advisor of George Bush even said that if Europe had undergone the same meltingpot principals as Americans the 'European problem', as he called it, would not even exist), still, in todays newspaper, the American saw thing thousent times more bright than the Europeans did, even if they had some money in their hands to do something about the situation. Maybe that was the aim of the newspapers by putting these two articles together but this kind of thinking is much too suspicious, don't you think so? What I have learned today (besides my continous lessons of reality) is that Europeans are that much copying 'real politic' thinking that they hurd themselves even stronger as an outsiders ever can do. Twenty years ago we didn't need to be united but we were thought just to respect one other. Now, since we must be united for the sake of our future, for the sake of our single currency, we see we are not united. And than what? We indeed believe that we are weak. The European in todays newspaper said we have only 2% growth while in America it is 3%. How weak that is....

I'm just reading Sun Tsu, the art of war.
Good lessons for stupid people who are fighting a fight they don't even know they are fighting it. State of mind or the mind of the state. The reversed version is always as important as the original. Now some-one else spoke about 'war is money'. I'll reverse it for you: MONEY IS WAR. How much I dream of the days where many things were important in life. How scared I am for the friendly Dutch (and Belgums, just to name some) that they will be not so friendly at all if they are pushed to the limits. In American languages this is already a fact for several hundreds of years ('speak like a Dutch'). Sun Tsu said it is always better to capture a country, or a regiment, instead of destroying it. He gave many reasons I will not repeat. Find it and read it if you think it can help you. I am sure it can. But just think about what he said..... Did Nato captured Europe or destroyed Yugoslavia??? If you know yourself and your enemy, you do not have to fear the result of any battle. If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory you have gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you do not know yourself nor your enemy you will succomb in every battle.

It is because of this that I suggest the Europeans to find another form of society than the one based onthe ower of money.

Jus one other thing. About ethics and ethnics. Since everyone speaks about ethnic albanians from Kosovo.... Do they just mean Kosovars, or Albanians? Isn't is so that all races in Europe mixed already many centuries ago, even before America was even 'dicovered'? I do not feel particularly happy with this language polution and I will declare war (on paper since I do not take guns in my hands and my fist is only used to knock on the door, afterwards it will change into a hand, a tool without which we will not be welcome anywhere) to everyone who will call me an ethnic Dutch. (might take several decennia (not millenia) before this statement got fully understood).