Some jokes before we close the chapter of the century for ever: (and hopefully these people with it)

Franjo Tudjman died and several people were pretty much surprised.
"How comes?', you could say, "he was very sick for a long time".
"Yes but in his last will he mentioned he only wanted to die at Christmas."
"So what went wrong?"
"It became smelly in the fridge."

stop this old teacher Also Milosevic died, don't ask me how.
There has been knocking on the doors of heaven and Petrus opens the door.
Milosevic is there.
"What do you want?", Petrus asks.
"I would like to enter heaven" Milosevic said with confident.
"Oh, common man . Go to hell", Petrus replied angry.
Only a few days later again there is a knocking on the door of heaven.
Petrus opens the door and there are 7 little devils in front of the door.
"What do you want?" Petrus asks surprised.
"We're the first refugees from hell", a shy voice replied.

stop this young student