July Introduction

Dear people

There were some thoughts we just had to mention to you:

We came on this planet just before a new day started, a new era has come. And what did it matter. 'Now we are here and now we shall live,' we thought, and right that is. But finally a little panic came into existence, on the storke of 2000.
Ik looks like a newyears eve when people are a little tensed just before the timechange. A peevish feeling that can't, and not necessarily have to be discribed, an insecurity about the good intentions made, or of hope, which only can be based on believe itself, that life may become a little better.
Only now it is about a newyearseve with exact the same feelings 1000 times amplified. Therefor flashes of the past period come to mind, a period 1000 times bigger and flashes 1000 times stonger, with which the human beings, as far as possible, would like to stand still for a moment. That is not so easy. At first you are learned that standing still means going backwards. Than, 1000 times stronger feelings, thoughts and emotions must be assimilated with a pair of brains that probably didn't gain one promille those past 1000 years.

But anyway. Because of that we get the most divergent messages at our office adroned with rags of confusion in which the writer put all his/her efforts to render the feelings on such a way that it could be possible for us to give it a airily switch. 'Why saddle up others with the painfull deepness of my innocent moments' they must have thought. It gives us the freedom to make interpretations as we like. One man organizes a festival and the weather report mentioned wind, rain, hail, thunder and angels from the sky. 'What do I do?' he asked. Well, just go to the festivalarea, we said.
Another tried to be more scientifical and mentioned that children up to 12 years old already have seen 40.000 killings. On television of course. But when we started to calculate on our small calculator we said: 'You'll never reach the end of the world in that speed unless you become 17.000 years old'.
The third one mentioned the sun eclips wich will take place above Europe in August and compared that with the times of Jezus, when a similar fenomenam took place. But well, in that time they were not able to calculate the event and to announce it to millions of people even before the event took place so very much superstition will not be added to it, like it did in those times.
But maybe here I am wrong. Will it be like that, that the human being, still afraid of everything it can not comprehend, is capable of creating and upkeep a complete artificial world? Probably yes. If this is not the case, other elements of artificiality should be redone as well and maybe that step is just too big. It could be possible that the states, as they exist now, will maintain for a very much longer time because it is a much saver idea as the alternative is, because there isn't an alternative. Therefor it is less understandable and much more frightening. (see here the lucky situation capitalism faced) Maybe I am mistaking because I make a comparisment with 2000 years ago and that always will go limb. Perhaps the people do not need a story they can trust for generations and generations because the media is there to pump up another myth as truth in no time.
I think the end of the world is a pretty arrogant form of human thinking. The floods, the vulcanos, meteors and dinosuars, all have given their best shot but the end of the world will never come. Maybe the end of the humans. But to blame god for that would be very haughty.
Nevertheless it made us decide to make a newsletter that will touch the soul of the humans a little more, away from daily routine. For once that couln't harm and for the long run it is inevitable for everyone who thinks he/she has the right to open his/her mouth in the first place.

We wish you many happy summers, winters, springtimes and all that is needed for a sustainable development of humans, animals and plants.

Lovely greetings