Before we make an article about the Hitna itself, the first aid service, which we will do when we will hang around in their neighborhood, we will first tell you a little Hitna gossip. Stories about happenings that Hitna employees go through, Crazy, funny and deadly serious stories about the heavy work of the specialized people with a difficult task.

1. The Taxidriver.

Sarajevo is full of taxi's. Man that know the places in town, man that have their contacts, and, like everywhere in the world, are in contact with each other. Now there was a taxi driver with a bleeding in his stomach. He lives almost at the edge of town. Hitna drives up there with high speed. On the radio they speak with their head-office. They have to drive several kilometers to the Hospital, mostly on Zmaja od Bosne, the big street of six lanes that goes from the farthest outskirts of town to the center where it divides itself in Obala Kulina Bana and Titova. Other taxi drivers pick up the message and shut off all roads to Zmaja od Bosne. Through a complete deserted town the ambulance drives to the hospital. The taxidriver was saved.

2. The Airport.

Every day there are two doctors with an ambulance at the airport. Because almost nothing happens doctors must be there all day, From 4.30 till 22.00 hours.
At one day the Hitna employees are waiting for the last plane to come. A group of confused and disoriented passengers come out of the plane. They do not leave immediately and nobody is waiting for these people. They start to search for telephone cards. It turns out to be that these people where arrested this morning in Germany, hold until all papers were ready and than putted on the plane. Back home. Many try to reach some family, it is too late to take a bus to the place where they used to live 4, 5 6 years ago. Many can't go back to their place where they lived before because this territory is controlled by people of another race. (let's put it that way because that's the way it is). Others have no family anymore. A girl, only 12 years old, can only express herself in German, she was 6 when she left Bosnia.
Conversations on the telephone are like: 'please tell my boss that I'm not coming to job anymore.   really..... I am in Sarajevo.  It doesn't matter to me if you believe me yes or no. Go to my house and take all the food there is. ... Later we will speak about the furniture, my telephone card is almost finished .... I don't know where I will sleep tonight but it is not your problem.... I call in two days.... I know I can not go back to Podrasnica but I know that for a long time.  Hajde Ciao.

3. the Elevator.

At the end of the day Hitna receives a call.. Two doctors drive up to one woman who is sick. It turns out she's over 100 kilo. She lives at the 12th floor and there is no elevator. The drag her down the stairs. In the hospital the decision is made not to take her there. If this was necessary or not the story doesn't tell. The Hitna people drive back to the flat, wake up some neighbors and pull up the woman 12 floors where her bed is waiting for her.

The employees of Hitna have new stories every week. We shall see in what way it is justified to publish more of these stories.

4. The TV

TV can be a nasy bug. This summer one man of Hitna Pomoc got promotion. He became director because the director and several subdirectors took a holiday. This man, a good and dedicaded docter, had to sit behind a desk and answer calls. Now the summer was that hot that TV made a request. They wanted the director of Hitna Pomoc to explain why it can be dangerous to sit in the 39 degrees sun all day longand drink beer. TV can be totaly innocent as well