[during wartime - again!]

"Actually, I am here to do an assassination" said Senad Hadzimusic Teno at the promotion of a new album of his band SCH.
During Wartime...Again.
The year 1989 brought a record that had predicted the war, the cantons, the leaders, ... But no one took them seriously. SCH were and still are the best meter for Sarajevo urbanism. Although their existence in Sarajevo at the time seemed Utopian.
"The material for a "During Wartime" LP was composed in the spring of 1988. Politically, with the name and the contents, the record announced the upcoming political changes which culminate in a destructive war. It seems to be the logical consequence of moral decay of important figures in social and cultural life in the country over the years.
Unlike many others, SCH has fully responded to demands of that time and they did it in a precise, clear and clean manner. Constructively about destruction; harmonically about disharmony. On "During Wartime" SCH brought a fusion of politics and aesthetics to culmination and proved that that is the only thing that art can deal with..."
(SCH, January 1999).
Ten years later, Teno returns from Prague to do a new assassination. Despite of all political and civil population that continues to destroy this town and this country. This World, eventually. Is the new album "During Wartime...Again" announcing a new catastrophe? And precisely 85 years after the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand, got killed in Sarajevo? If the revolution happens, SCH will be the symbol of it.
They did not exist to be good or bad, they existed to be judges of reality. That is why they have always been so fascinating.
"Unlike Slovenia and Croatia, where the critical public, humanistic intelligence, independent media and institutions through their hard categorical apparatus, often from the point of Marxism, defended subculture and everything else that exposed false slogans and misery of the system, SCH has always faced a silent wall in Bosnia. The battle between subculture and the ruling ideology, whose consequence would be the making, the survival and the development of positive (political - cultural) values, came down to illusions and suicidal attempts of SCH...
On the other hand stands the fact that it never mattered what SCH would do next.
It is only important that they do something (and survive). Their significance has gone beyond the meaning and quality of their music. They move beyond limits where everything is allowed (even the potential failures and mistakes). They are their own measure. There is noone else. Their death will put an end to an epoch and the far-sighted graphite will be proven "TENO-TITO". It was written some time ago on a fence in a neighbourhood where they used to rehearse."
(Samir Sestan, Grafit, Lukavac, IX 1995).
Nicely wrapped up album, along with a book of SCH lyrics named "SCH-songs and tales" (reprinted edition that was first published in 1996 by MENORA in Prague). It came out in the production of POLIKITA RECORDS from Lukavac, BiH (Polikita Records (NIK Grafit), Partizanski put BB, Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 00 387 (0)75 567 523).
If anyone remembers, POLIKITA is a great Bosnian satirical magazine, convicted and confiscated many times because of its sharpness and power. They make a perfect combination with SCH. SCH are a lot calmer and less painful this time. Understandable. Ordeals they were facing (as we did with them) are in the past but still threatening. SCH keep their distance and warn us about it. Just like ten years ago.
"So you have in front of you a CD "During Wartime...Again", which once again offers the same way, a new version of the old, a change that is not real, and it is being done in the best SCH tradition - fusion of political and aesthetic message. From a threatening militancy to a seductive demagogy. From "During Wartime" to "During Wartime ...Again"."
(Samir Sestan, March 1999)

The first World war started in Sarajevo. What about the third?