The starting point of PESSIMISTIC LINES reaches fall of 1993 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, when few heads came up with idea to form a band, lead by the people of same/similar life views. From the very beginning, the source of PESSIMISTIC LINES music was in punk rock, as wide as it is possible. Soon band created his own sound, honest & violent in the same time. During the upcoming years PESSIMISTIC LINES played mostly in Sarajevo, starting from April 30 in hall Sloga. It was still wartime, and it was impossible to go out of surrounded town. PESSIMISTIC LINES found it's place on "Rock Under the Siege" compilation CD, recorded live in before mentioned Sarajevo hall. In 1996 their town & their minds become more open. Band moved to Croatia to play. Also, PESSIMISTIC LINES appeared on "Rock Under Siege B" CD compilation with one studio song. During the summer of 1997 band went to Macedonia to play on some festivals. During that same 1997. two more times in Croatia, in clubs, on festivals. Croatian label "Carrot Productions" made a split tape of PESSIMISTIC LINES and croatian band POLAROID. 1998. PESSIMISTIC LINES toured in the Netherlands, Slovenia and Austria. Beside some more compilation tapes & CD`s on other labels, "Carrot Productions" published one more split tape of PESSIMISTIC LINES with band named REACTOR. During the year of 1999 band played two time s more in Sarajevo - as a support act for KUD Idijoti and 2227. In October/November PESSIMISTIC LINES went on a small Euro tour. During those 15 days band played 10 concerts in Slovenia, Netherlands and Germany. In December PESSIMISTIC LINES went to Macedonia to participate on "All Oridinary People" festival that took place in Macedonian capitol Skopje. No plans in 2000.