Ten years after the wall in Berlin

End of October and beginning of November POO was on tour again. This time we went with all together: Martin and Darko with the group he is playing with, Pessimistic Lines. Pessimistic Lines is a young group started to exist during the war. Based on hardcore punkrock music they have developed into themselves into something quite surprising. The group made several new songs which were not that hardcore but yet unidentified musik. The result was that the group had good fun playing their music and they became better every concert.
With great help of MKC in Koper 5 concerts in Slovenia were organized. To emphasize the spirit of MKC, they were the only place were we didn't eat pizza but very well, self made food. After this really nice week in Slovenia we left for Netherlands. Due to organisational failures there were only three concerts in Holland which was quite a dissappointment. Nevertheless these concerts, in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam were very much OK, with a good sphere and, besides Rotterdam, with quite some people visiting the concerts.
POO used this visit to Holland to have an information program for the people about POO and BiH.
Afterwards we went to Germany. At first we were in Dormund where we played an extra concert on a Sunday. There were really no people. Well...three of them and the organizer, with the brilliant name Friedemann (Peaceman) took the musicians over the edge. The concert ended with a flashing play back show supported with and extrodinary light show. Band playing Hardrock and Ethno music and Popmusic. Unseen before and most probably ever after.
Magificent show!
At the end of the tour we fell with our nose in the butter (as we used to say in Holland for something unexpectedly good). While we had to play in the gardenhouse of Tacheles that night, Gorbatsjov, an idol of me, was waiting at the Brandenburger Turm.
10 year after the fall of the wall there was a strange party going on in town. At first we didn't realize anything, besides the amount of police on the streets. Later we saw the fireworks above the town and, because thing were there anyway, we asked local people about their experiences. It was remarkable that no East Berliner remembered that day as a special day. That night, 10 years ago, there was a speech on television which avoided the information that much that most East Berliners thought it was another blabber from the state and the went, as usual, to bed pretty early.
The two Germanies are now slowly integrating with each other allthough it cost some pain. And still economists say it might take 10 years before the situation will be really based one equality. In the mean time the unemployment in the West is getting lower while in the East, after booming investments, is rising.
But well, we are now here in Sarajevo speaking about the fall of the wall in Berlin and its concequences. We recall a graffity slogan that even surprised the secretary general of the International Red Cross, and which could bring some light into the future thinking of mankind: "Let's first globalize responsibility!"

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