Last month we were in Hrasno and we went to Dobrinja. But is was as if the time stood still for a second. Just before we walked out of Hrasno we got to see this small performance:

Iris Honderdos

My method of working as an artists is as follows:

I go to places, without preparing myself and just walk around, obverse and talk to the people, trying to discover what’s living inside. I try to respond in my work which makes connections with people and the place. Fro Hrasno, from the first day on, I felt strong connection with the circumstances under which many of you have to live, how much patience you need to build up this wounded place.
I’ve tried to imagine the people, their lives and feelings and when I was walking to the top of one of the towers, I couldn’t find any personal thing left. Only on the garbage down I found notations and letters, which I can not read, of course, coming from Holland. So the only thing I know is the way they moved their hands on the paper.
I made copies of those letters and enlarged each letter, needed to complete the sentence:

All I know is the way you moved your hand

It is my personal way to remember the people who were forced to go. But at the same time , I want to show you my wish to the future, expressed by children’s drawings from primary school in Hrasno

This work is the last part of trilogy, which started on February 1996, in Dubrovnik, called “Monuments for tiles” And the second, on February 1997, in Belgrade, called “Pravo”, as a support to the students protests.

With special thanks from the people of: